Finishing my case …


Remember These??

After solving the mystery and exposing (sounds rather criminal, doesn’t it???) the culprit – all that was left to do was to finish the case with some borders. Ya’ll remember the pile of HSTs that I had after making the blocks right?? Well I didn’t want them to go to ‘waste’ as it were .. not that they would, but I was thinking, I have a mess of HSTs here and they could be a sweet cap off for this mystery.

HPIM2725.jpgFirst of all I thought of just doing a sawtooth border .. but naw .. that seemed to ‘basic’. I thought that a quilt this stunning really needed something special to top it off .. Carmen suggested doing flying geese put on the narrow edge – and I thought that could work .. of course that idea ended up breeding another one .. so I started to play and plot .. Nevermind the lightbulb moment .. I had a super nova!! I grabbed the draft paper and coloured pencils and started to draw and colour and erase and draw and colour .

HPIM2726.jpgMy initial idea actually had 3 borders in total, but that was would have been overkill with the border that I did finally come up with it .. I thought of repeating the HSTs in straight lines all the way around radiating outward .. but then I started to think that I just had a narrow inner 1″border – that would have been just wayyy to busy! Then I booted up quilt pro and started to play some more .. I finally settled on something that I really liked and would be just right for the quilt ..


Mystery "X" Box

My only thought was whether to have HSTs as the corner stones as well, but decided against it as it would have ‘stopped’ the flow – this way your eyes are confined to the center and travel outwards in a nice ‘orderly’ fashion .. I wanted the light purple and dark purple to radiate from the corners of the blocks on each side .. and go thru each colour I had in the order of the quilt – with the background easing out from the edges as it were ..

As for binding, I just might use the background fabric I have left .. I didn’t use all the border fabric that I cut out, so it wouldn’t be to much of a hardship to use that .. or I have some purple from another project that might work just fine! It’s a nice dark purple, so we’ll just have to see how it looks when I get to that point .

So this is now moved to the basting pile .. and should actually be basted pretty soon too! I’ve only the big fan, hopscotch and then this one to baste – oh a few other’s too, but nothing to pressing ..

Now to name it ..  For National Quilting Day, I worked on this mystery .. maybe I can incorporate that with the name somehow .. As for quilting it, I ordered some variegated thread from threadart and it’s at the PO Box (come on Dad, go there already!!) and while there’s an orange and another “summer sherbet” type mixture, I’m not sure they’ll work with this quilt .. This purply one is for my hopscotch quilt – so that’s out .. granted I do have some thread I picked up at fabricland the other week that might work .. we’ll just have to see .. oh and it finished up at 36 x 39″.

I do like how this worked with my challenge colour – orange too .. I will be making more of this .. I’m trying to convince Vicki into losing some of her gradients to my stash pile for another version of this quilt 😉 Wish me luck on that one LOLOL

The Culprit Is …

Mrs. Peacock in the conservatory with a wrench .. hehhehe .. ahem … sorry ** ducks thrown objects … I’m always a bit giddy after I solve a mystery – granted this was already solved, but I still enjoy working thru the clues and getting it to the ‘solved’ point .. I posted earlier about clues 1 thru 3 and went off to do 4 – 6. Between watching some of the games during March Madness I worked on my clues.


Clue #4

Clue 4 was another quick one to do … altho I ran into a few problems, if I had checked my original downloaded clues, I would have been fine .. but I did figure it out and solved Clue 4. What I did for this was square these to 3 ½ x 6 ½” – these were flying geese units that had no seam allowance on either side .. I did the 3 ½” first, then lined up my ruler so that the points were at the edges 😀 Voila! Clue 4 solved!

Now I did have to frog one block .. In this clue you need to cut the squares in half after you have the rectangles sewn on .. well twit for brains here, cut the wrong way .. saints preserve me!!! I didn’t have any extra of this, so I needed a fix .. simple .. frog the rectangles off and put them on the right way .. Thank God that worked! Otherwise I would have been fit to be tied and then some!


Clue #5

Clue 5 went even easier .. basically it was 3½” HSTs – just 2 of them .. I had this up on my board and was seeing this come together clue by clue .. but if I hadn’t had the final solution, there is no way I would have figured this out until after I finished Clue 6 .. this was a GOOD one 😀 I like it when I can’t guess it ahead of time .. This is also the one spot where I didn’t have enough of the light orange FQ and had to cut one rectangle ..


Clue #6

Clue 6 was the piece de resistance! This was where it all comes together .. I wish I had been able to do this on New Years Day .. but that didn’t happen and I’m just pleased that I did it now! I just love the result of this quilt! And Kris’s suggestion of using stickers to number the squares sure made it easy to keep track of the blocks and to put them in the right order .. AND when I sewed them together it was a blessing! I didn’t have to rip one block apart because it was turned the wrong way .. How cool does this look!!


Solve Inner Top

I’ve got all the blocks pieced together and pressed .. altho I do want to take some spray starch and repress it and measure it again .. I’ve a plan for the borders and all those HSTs that were left over from cutting the square in square blocks. But again, I need to be creative, so I’ll be doing some math and drafting tomorrow (today???) to see if I can get it to work out – I pray that it does because this would look really nice if I does .. I think that it’s going to look really nice!

Kris thank you for doing this mystery! I really enjoyed this one and will keep my eye open for your next one.

Happy National Quilting Day everyone!!

Sleuthing Away!


Clue #1

I gotta tell you, I’m having a blast with this mystery! The first clue went super quick! heh It was only 4 ‘pieces’. Now this mystery was written for the ‘square-in-square’ ruler, but you can use a 6 ½” squaring ruler as well. I figured that if I lined up the points of the main square at 3 ¼” and then make sure you have your ¼” seam allowance – then it was a matter of matching up cross hatches for along the line of the square, then voila! There’s my block all set to go all square up at 6½” How cool is that!


Clue #2

So I head off to do clue 2. That went super easy as well – Now the squares and rectangles don’t line up edge to edge but that is good as your square is 4¾” and your rectangle is 3 x 5¼”, so you overlap the edges and works just fine .. I know – clear as mud .. basically I didn’t panic when I tripped over that on my first clue 😉 I put these up on my design board, and got super excited!! I’m not going to post that pic here as I’m trying to stay in the spirit of the mystery 🙂 If you want to see what I saw, you’ll just have to do it yourself LOL ahem ..


Clue #3

Anywho, I got so excited I had to chat with Carmen last nite and share it with her .. needless to say, clue 3 didn’t get done until today LOL ..

Clue 3 is using orange – rather my challenge colour that I’ve vowed to use more of this year and I picked it for colour 1. This was the same colour I made a mistake on while cutting initially, and while I was squaring these up, I saw that my values for light and medium were to close .. Kris had told me that the main colour doesn’t have to be medium – it can be anything – it’s colour A and B that are important to have distinct values for .. I’m a little disappointed in the result as I should have used the lighter FQ that I have, but it still looks good and I still like it .. but then again, you aren’t seeing what’s on my board :S .. The effect is still there, but not as dramatic as the effect with the greens and purples. Am I going to rip it out and redo the square .. NOPE .. are you kidding me .. not gonna happen! But I’ll be careful for when I do this one again


HST Heaven

A nice little fringe benefit of using this method, is all the HSTs that I’m getting from them .. I see a scrappy quilt design in my future with all these nice scraps. What design .. I have no clue yet .. but there will be one I’m sure

Now off to clue 4

Square Deal Mystery

With moving the kitties to the binding pile, I decided that it was time to let myself do a new project .. wow my first one this year since ‘The Big Fan’ Mystery that I did (which is up for basting btw). This one’s the Square Deal Mystery  from – Kris has this listed under free stuff / mysteries – she’s also the list owner for QuiltersBee, one of the Yahoo Groups I belong to.  This is another New Years Day mystery that I wanted to do, but didn’t get to on the day for various family reasons. (Yes I was planning on doing two mysteries the first few days of the New Year ;)) Glutton aren’t I???

HPIM2708.jpgI was planning on doing this with orange as my main colour, and doing it scrappy if I needed to .. now I LOVE scrappy quilts, but there seemed to be a lot of cutting for this mystery, and frankly, the idea of digging thru my scrap bag and getting ‘enough’ colours together in each colour family in each value was just to much for me to even think about .. so I didn’t .. Figured I would would work with FQs if needed (for the orange), and larger scraps .. I won’t bother showing you a pic of my table with with all my fabrics exploded all over it .. it made no sense to me and I was here LOL. I decided on orange, green and purple for my colours for this quilt – and was able to use larger scrap pieces for the purple ..

hpim27101I made a mistake when I started to cut .. I used my dark orange instead of my medium orange for the main colour and since I was using FQs, there just wasn’t any to spare, and it was to narrow for the rectangles .. so I needed to get inventive with another dark colour .. then I remembered the binding that I used for kyle’s quilt .. it was red with orange in it 😀 PERFECT! So that became Colour 1B (dark) for this mystery and while it doesn’t work as well as my original plan did, this works well enough .. I was able to salvage that mistake at least and I needed to cut inventively and creatively for my background material  – please don’t ask unless you want to hear my cry! (Note to self – get blender material!!!) So I took last nite and cut out all my pieces for the clues and labelled just so .. All I need to do is put the stickers on for which square is what number and I’m ready to start Clue 1 😉 I’m tickled about this mystery and am VERY excited to do this .. yes I know what it looks like and that’s the HUGE part of it now for me, instead of the mystery of not know .. I’m wishing I had been capable of doing this on New Year’s day .. but I’m going to love this one!

Altho I do love them all don’t I?? LOL