And .. it’s done!

20150129_164338[1]I was seriously doubting I would reach this point after last night. LOL I got all the binding down after getting my new foot. Dad called me that night and he said he was going stateside, so I called the area Joann stores, and made sure it was on hold for me. By 3pm yesterday I had my new Singer walking foot. And by God it bloody well worked!!! 30 mins later, I had the binding on and it was time to hand stitch down the binding – course I had to look up if I used single or double thread – *Shake my head* Β It’s currently in the dryer and I want to wait until daylight to get some better pictures and will post them tmrw before I go to yoga. Β Oh and it’s still unnamed other than me calling it Ruby’s quilt.

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Fabric Fondling

I‘ve not sewn a stitch, but I did fondle fabric today πŸ˜€ WHOOO HOOOO .. quilterhappydance!! I’ve been feeling the time slip away from me for the ArtIllusion Mystery .. I need to get my quilt top, backing and binding in – preferably 2 weeks ago, but it’ll be going in the next day or so at least πŸ™‚ Today I went shopping in the states with my dad and after the drudgery part was done, I headed over to Joann’s and walked into a sale – good thing as I didn’t have my coupons, nor even looked at them lately .. My sole purpose was to get fabric for the binding, dye, and backing fabric. Mission Accomplished!

HPIM2968.jpgYou should have seen me standing in front of the quilter’s fabrics at Joann’s – hehehehe .. I hadn’t had a chance to look at my quilt or even measure it lately – so I’m wracking my poor work-fried brain to try and remember what brights I had used in my quilt 😦 I could remember oranges and blues and purples and greens .. and I did even seen a few fabrics there that I KNOW are in my stash .. but do you think that I could remember what fabrics I had put in this quilt .. and of course I didn’t have a picture of it on my phone .. so I opted for orange .. and I knew I had a ton of different oranges in my quilt … of course I couldn’t decide so I grabbed 3 different ones πŸ™‚ and they were on sale .. so even better for me! I also grabbed some orange dye for the backing .. you can see part of the backing there – yes it’s a whole piece .. I bought 119″ wide and went from there – gotta love cheating! Oh and course I did all the math for how much I would need for binding and backing while standing in line LOL … That was the easy part!

HPIM2970.jpgNormally on Monday, I would have gone to Kyle’s ball game, but since there’s an issue with the car right now, and we only have 2 bikes and 3 people, I figured I would stay home and just play with my fabrics – washing the binding fabrics and then dyeing my backing .. I forgot how much fun that is πŸ˜€ I’m not 100% totally pleased with the way the backing turned out – but it’ll do. And it was a LOT of fun! I am sorry I missed his ball game, but I really did need this creative outlet – just to do some GRACE stuff!

I opted against the bright orange on the left of the previous picture. My choices were between the floral with orange in it and greens and reds and creams .. and the medium orange. It was a hard choice … and normally I wouldn’t have made up my mind until after it was quilted, but this one is being sent away to be quilted for the book, so I don’t have that luxury this time. I went back and forth and back and forth and just couldn’t decide to save my life.

HPIM2972.jpgThen I finally started to think (neat trick,eh?) I started to think, I knew I wanted a binding that pulled all the colours / elements together. So I started to look harder at the one floral one .. that seemed to fit more with the rest of the fabrics that I used for the background and it does have reds, oranges, greens and creams in .. so when I started to think like that, it wasn’t so hard a choice afterall! I really did want to frame this with a darker more subdued fabric.

On a more personal front, the end is near for this 2 – 11PM shift from Hell. I sooo canNOT wait! it’ll be nice to get a life back again! I’ve my shift bid here and am working on it – they’re due by the 23rd and I definitely plan to have it handed it! Just hope my score card stays good enough so that I can get a better shift that will allow me to have some modicum of a life … even if it is just a wee smidge of one πŸ™‚ Happy Happy Joy Joy

I’ve also caved and we are getting a whole new internet, phone and cable tv provider. The super slow speeds that I’ve been contending with lately have put me in no end of a panty twister – and with all I’ve gone thru with this provider, I wasn’t in the mood to put my big girl pants on anymore. And reg and his tv .. it’s as bad as me and my internet – nevermind that we are missing all the Tigers games, and football season is coming up .. last season was bad enough with not getting all the games we wanted to watch – plus with this new service, my phone will actually be cheaper .. It’ll be nice to have a speedy internet connection πŸ™‚ and the games we want to watch – Let’s just hope that it delivers what it says it will .. we’ll find out next Tuesday on our install date. I can just see us now .. Reg will be flicking thru the channels like an addict and trying to pry me away from my keyboard might be problematic ..

Still Time for Quilting!

It’s rather been a whirlwind and adjustment period for me. Getting used to working again .. and not just 8 hrs a day – but for 9 hrs (minus Β½ hr lunch). Doing the 4pm – 1am shift wasn’t to bad for me .. it seemed that I still got some ME time and quilting time. I’ve just finished my first week of my new shift – 12noon – 9pm. While you’d think that that was a great shift (and it is), there’s a period of adjustment to it for me .. For 2 years, I’ve basically gotten up when I wanted and slept when I wanted .. Doing the first shift of 4 – 1 wasn’t to bad, as I didn’t go to bed until 4am anyways .. I’d get up around 11 or so and have plenty of ME time and time before work to do whatever .. My body still is sort of awake at 3:30 – 4am right now, but I can’t really get up at 11 and expect to have enough coffee in me before I leave at 11:30 for 12 noon start time .. just leaves me feeling rushed and harassed. Ultimately my goal is to be up around 8 – 9am, so I can have those few hours to do whatever I want .. I’m still working on that πŸ˜€ But it is getting better .. It’s not a lot of time, but then again, I KNEW I wouldn’t have that time anyways – hence the quilting marathon I did in February and March.

When I’ve gotten home from work this week, I’ve not really had the focus to do a blog post, or even read much email .. and it’s all still there waiting for me to read it .. and my bloglines?? oi vay! we won’t go there!! But I will read them all .. eventually for now I’m just doing some mindless clicking on facebook and doing quick emails and txt messages .. I know ..exciting, eh? LOL

HPIM2860.jpgDuring the past weeks, I’ve taken the time to watch tv with Reg and I’ve gotten a few bindings done .. you know I’ve done the spinner quilt, and the other day I finished the big fan quilt .. It’s not been washed yet, but that’s tomorrow’s task. Here’s a quick peek of it with the binding sewn down tonite. I’m hoping to get some daylight pics of this and the spinner quilt since the weather is going (I pray) to be sunny! It is a wonderful feeling to get these quilts crossed off my list! I’ve not labeled this one as yet, and am not entirely sure what I’m going to call this one. This was the NYD mystery hosted on Planet Patchwork – and this was also the same day that I found out my aunt had been killed in car crash on her way to her bday dinner with friends the nite before … I’d like to dedicate this to her, but am still struggling with the name. This has become my favourite quilt. I love the way it quilted up, has a nice feel to it (even if it does weigh more than normal) – it’s just nice and peaceful .. I’m sure a name will come to me in time. But I can always do a label with the dates on it for now and add the name later.

HPIM2858.jpgMy next project is the binding on the kitty quilt .. sorry for the blechy pic, but this is just to give you and idea of what I’m doing.

Kyle is excited that I’m working on this quilt and he keeps giving me HUGE, BROAD hints about his bed quilt and wanting to have it done … he can’t wait until I get the rest of the threads snipped of his spinner quilt and the daylight pic done .. He says his current bed covering is just to heavy and is waiting impatiently for that one πŸ˜€ oh the one he’s waiting for is the Franken’quilt’

But work is going well, I’ve not lost any customers (that I’m aware of), altho one customer with a thick heavy accent asked me if I spoke english 😐 .. I was absolutely rendered speechless, and that’s not something that happens to me often .. he ended up in the wrong department and was not wiling to answer my questions about best to direct his call .. **sigh it IS rather laughable tho .. anywho, the job isn’t boring, it is almost more challenging than I would like in one day out of every 3, but I do like it well enough .. would I rather be quilting?? you betcha .. but that just makes the time I do grab for it all that more precious to me ..

I start my weekend now (I’ve tues and wed for May for Kyle’s confirmation / rehearsal) and my goals are modest .. weed the front garden, plant my seeds, convince reg or kyle to dig up the back veggie garden and plant there, wash my fan quilt, stitch the binding on the kitty quilt and maybe get some laundry done if Kyle’s not taken over the washer again .. oh and try to avoid getting kidnapped for groceries and whatnot πŸ˜€

Have a great week!

Spinners Done!

HPIM2855.jpgKittyhappydancing! I can call this one done! I am just so tickled that this one is done – I’m sure that Ky is going to be tickled too when he can use it tomorrow after it’s been washed ..

This went really quick on the binding .. altho the last 12″ took forever compared to the rest of the binding .. the label was the hard part .. I didn’t want to put it on a plain piece of muslin and didn’t want to go bother with doing freezer paper and printing .. so I just grabbed a scrap of material that was in the quilt itself and did that .. the other option would have been square in square and signed that part .. altho I was considering doing a small friendship star as a label like I did in the borders .. but I did want to get this done tonite!

HPIM2854.jpgNow comes the hard part .. submitting it for publication (!!) EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK I need to reread the submission guidelines, and get a really good daylight pic of it .. as all the ones that I have of this quilt are inside / nite shots ..

Well one down πŸ˜€ and boy does this feel GREAT!!!


Whiskers n Bindings

HPIM0523.jpgWhisker kisses. That’s what I woke up to today. I felt a tickling on my nose, cracked open my eyes to see a pair of yellow greeny eyes staring right into mine with a nose less than ΒΌ” away from my own. And these eyes didn’t move either .. so I gave a quick blow at the nose, and it vanished for a second .. just long enough to close my eyes, then I felt the tickling on my nose again .. more whisker kisses .. she’s not done that to me before .. least not so I’d wake up .. so with her being pretty persistent, I gave up and got up. Seemed the smart thing to do, as I couldn’t see her giving up anything soon – thus started my Saturday.

Gorgeous weather today altho a bit breezy, but still a respectable mid 60s – had the house to myself for about an hour, and enjoyed the peace before chaos central hit with reg, kyle and my dad .. I actually got to watch a Tiger’s game today and they WON WON WON!!!!!! It was the first game I’ve seen in about 2 weeks with being on the 4pm – 1am shift. one more week of this shift and then it changes .. altho I have no idea what one I’ll get, I put in for a mid day type shift … but have to wait until Wednesday to find out about that.

HPIM2851.jpgBut I did manage to put my day off to good use – I dug into my binding pile and pulled out kyle’s spinner quilt and started the binding .. I had a devil of a time finding thread to come close to the binding colour!! I had a spool put aside, but with all the red I’ve done lately, I’m guessing I used it .. oops :O .. but all’s good – found a deeper oxblood type red that is just about invisible against it and am using that .. I managed to get Β½ of the binding sewn down .. When Kyle saw that I was working on one of his quilts he was pretty pleased about it .. got a big grin on his face and said GREAT! Altho he wants his bed quilt done first .. but I told him that this is the one I want to get published, so he’ll just have to wait on his bed quilt .. he told me that the other one he has is just to heavy for right now .. so I told him, I would do what I could, BUT I wanted to get a quilt done for me between his quilts .. my poor 97 swap quilt is needing repair again, and I just want to put it away before it gets totally destroyed.

Tomorrow (as far as I know – this is Reg we’re talking about), I’ve nothing planned and should actually be able to get the rest of the binding down on this quilt .. wouldn’t that be sooo GREAT .. I still have to do the label, but will do labels for ALL the quilts waiting for me at the same time.

I feel SOOOOO GREAT to have done SOMETHING – ANYTHING quilty .. i was turning a nasty shade of green reading about all that everyone else is getting done πŸ™‚

Case128 – Big Fan – Binding Pile!

HPIM2840.jpgThis is actually a horrible pic, but you can get the gist of how it looks with the binding on πŸ˜€ And daylight was a relative term today with it being rainy and gloomy .. BLECH.Β  So a good daylight pic was just not going to be possible today .. or until Wednesday when it says it’ll be sunny again.Β  I think that this one is going to be my favourite out of all the ones that I’ve completed in the past 6 weeks.Β  Heh .. not even sure I can recall all that I’ve finished in this time frame – I would have to go back over my blog entries and sift thru the binding pile LOL

My goal this weekend was to do both the bigfan and the kitty convergence.Β  One of two not’s bad and I’m good with it.Β  I’m rather shying away from the math – it’ll be easy, I’m sure .. but there’s always the thing that it won’t be that niggles at the back of your brain.Β  And I’m not sure I want to exactly deal with that .. Would rather just bask in the good feeling of where I’m at with this quilt πŸ˜€Β  AND the kitty convergence hasn’t been waiting months for me to get back to it.Β  It can hold it’s kitties for a bit LOL

My allergies were beating me up pretty severe when I got up and I’m rather ‘not there’ – even now .. but we’ll see, I might get motivated to do it .. then it’s a matter of printing them out and quilting away .. not a lot of time needed as these are just 3″ borders I think and it’s just a bitty wall quilt. hmmm I might even get this one day during the week .. we’ll have to see what I’m inclined to do after work .. prolly not much with the rain being here that long .. Yesterday was such a teaser day with what we are facing now **sigh … rain rain go away .. don’t bother to come back another day!