From Basting to Quilting Pile

That’s always a good feeling – moving quilts from the waiting to baste to the waiting to quilt pile. Granted I ‘cheated’ and used spray baste, but they are basted!

HPIM2729.jpgI’ve spent Β½ the nite and part of today searching for motifs for the square deal mystery quilt. It was rather tricky as this is a contemporary design, but not a new one – toss in geometric to the fun and you have some interesting ‘issues’ popping up .. I must have tried at least 8 different designs before I finally settled on one – now the only issue is whether to quilt the borders in the allover pattern, or SID them so they stand out. Decisions, decisions!! Now the thread was the easy part .. I’m going to use the thread I grabbed at fabricland for $1 a spool .. Gotta love THOSE sort of specials πŸ™‚ This thread is variegated and has the most of the colours as the quilt does .. but it does have a pretty close match up to the background material The quilting motif will be similar to an orange peel motif but with more flair and another element added in between the ‘main’ motif

As I figured, my dad came over and wanted the quilt .. he was ready to take it down off the clips and take it with him! I said – I’m likely selling that one .. he goes – how much .. I tell him and he goes WHAT??? and offers me $10 – I just look at him, so he goes up to $25 .. I just turn my back and walk into my sewing room and start to grab bits and pieces of the material I used in the quilt .. hehehehehe .. I hand the fabric bits to him and say, here you go .. $25 worth of that quilt LMAO!!! The look on his face was priceless!!! That rather ended that – for now .. we’ll see what he has to say about it when it’s quilted. Then he goes .. make them bigger .. I’m like dad, people are choking over paying $60 for a pieced and quilted baby quilt .. they are NOT going to be $300 plus for a bed quilt .. he goes .. I would .. I just look at him then look at the mystery X – yeah right!


The other one I got ready for quilting is my hopscotch quilt. This was the first mystery I did last summer. Ann Smith from Quilt Talk and Mystery Quilters (I think) wrote this one. From my thread order that came in yesterday I specifically got thread for this quilt. They all it Mediterranean and it is summery in look .. and this quilt reminds me of summer. The motif for this one was super easy .. butterflies with bees in the border .. I think .. not sure on the bee part, we’ll have to see ..



I used the batting I picked up at fabricland and it’s pretty thin .. good thing this will be a summer quilt .. I’ll see if I can double this for the big fan quilt (that would have been basted too, but ran out of backing **sigh) I had already opened this one up to ‘relax’ it and was worried about shifting – I’m not sure I can double it up like that .. Then again – telling me not that I can’t do that is the quickest way to get me to do it – or at least try it.

So, I’m off to print my motifs πŸ˜€ now which one to do first .. the mystery X will be the quickest me thinks. Specially since it’s just over a yard square πŸ˜€


Franken’quilt’ Boxed Basted!

HPIM2620.jpgGeeze O Pete!! This seemed to take forever for me .. I really struggled to baste this quilt. Granted I named it while basting it .. Franken’quilt’ Boxed seems to fit the bill for this quilt perfectly! Not sure if you remember this quilt. I started this quilt initially when Kyle was 2 Β½ – 3 years old. It was supposed to be for his twin bed – his first Big Boy Quilt! Well life interfered (as it normally does) and due to time, space, etc – my quilting stuff was put away for several years. I pulled this one out last year when I finally got to unpack all my quilting stuff and didn’t want to waste it. I had enough fabric to expand the top to fit a double, but had to really stretch my ‘creativity’ for the borders. This post here goes into more detail – and this post shows a few of the challenges that I faced with it. I won’t go into the border issues I had with this .. that was it’s own separate entity and living thru it once was quite enough (!)

HPIM2621.jpgOh the name?? That was easy .. I’m not sure what I did, but there were some doozy of mistakes in this one … didn’t cut straight? Sew straight? Your guess is as good as mine – it was 10 years ago when I first made these blocks. And the basting! I started out doing thread basting – I didn’t think that I would have had enough pins for pin basting, so I figured – do each block separately as I’ll work on one block at a time. Well – it bloody well took forever!! It just dragged and dragged and dragged … I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere with it(!) I also wanted to do thread basting also because sometimes I don’t pin-baste close enough, and I’ve had enough issues with my backs puckering lately that I didn’t want to add that sin to this quilt on top of all the others I’ve committed with it pfft. But the pins came out, and then I flew thru this .. and thru my pins too – so back to thread basting I went. In this pic here you can see some of the issues that I created with this quilt.Β  See the imaginative piecing I did here??Β  There’s other places just like all over the quilt – poor thing.

I was hoping to get to get to the fun part tonite and actually print out the motif and get it sized right and start to trace out the 20 blocks I need. Not going to happen .. it’s almost 3am and I still have to press Reg’s shirt for the Regional finals (I think??) tomorrow in Sarnia .. (No I’m not going :D) They won the game on Sunday, and have to win in Sarnia in order to go to Ottawa for OFSSA – Let’s hope they win!!

Tomorrow I’ll do the fun part .. maybe I’ll feel a bit better too .. Reg and I seem to have picked up a bug and are suffering from some coughing, sneezing, tender throat and sinus icks. Hopefully tomorrow I can start to quilt!! Wouldn’t that be nice!

packages, basting, and socks – OH MY!

hpim2298Even tho I’ve not posted in a few days, I’ve at least been busy .. not doing any tearing up as normal, but a respectable work load done πŸ™‚ I’ve cut the charms for charity and they are posted (I posted them yesterday Michele (Sunday), I’ve 2 boxes packaged and ready to be shipped next Saturday, and also another package ready to go, which will be shipped on Saturday as well. Shipping from the states is quicker and cheaper πŸ™‚ so that works for me.

The creepy crud has really moved in here .. it’s starting to make me cough and sneeze some more, and now Reg is coming down with it .. poor guy! Kyle is still healthy so please pray for him to stay that way ..

hpim2294I was getting on a roll for the charms for charity so I cut up and packaged 4 sets of 6 for Michele – I tried to chose a variety of fun prints and colours from kids to adults .. male and female .. even if I don’t win, this is the one way that I can help and these charms are going for quilts for chemo patients .. Knowing that she’s doing this now, I just might cut up some charms as I go along – we’ll have to see how that goes.

hpim2295As I’ve said, I’ve made some progress on Matthew and Erica’s quilts .. the spinner quilt will be done tomorrow .. I am going to meander with some wonky-ish shapes for matthew’s quilt in red on top, blue on the bottom, and Erica’s I’m still not sure what I’m going to do . maybe some loose spiral wave type things .. I keep thinking reflecting pool – rather like a zen garden when I look at this, so maybe something that flows or is abstract enough in such a way that it induces a calming effect?Β  There’s enough motion in the quilt, so I want to be ‘sedate-ish’ when I do her quilting.Β  These I’ll start tomorrow night maybe ..

hpim2297You can also see in that pic – TWO socks .. yes I said TWO socks .. I was so close to finishing them, that when I finished basting the quilts and just couldn’t stand anymore, I decided to sit with reg and watch some tv and finish them up .. I’m even wearing them right now .. and they are as toasty as I knew they would be!

Oh and thanx to Bobbie, I sent in my request for an invite for ravelry and I got it this AM and propmtly accepted and did my profile .. so you know I was playing there today .. that site is just wayyy to coo! I know there’s a site for quilters like this, but it isn’t free! It’s a shame really, but that’s okay .. I’m content to be accountable to me on my blog with my quilting stuff .. what I do like about it is that you can queue your projects – no more trying to remember … I have a ‘few’ sock patterns waiting there as well as a few toque patterns for Reg .. and of course, earwarmers.

We did go shopping on sunday and we managed to get a few things bought, which is nice πŸ˜‰ I still have to get Reg’s big gift .. sorry, can’t say because he does read my blog at times .. tomorrow the part should be here for my furnace and hopefully the new thermostat will get installed too – that would be a nice relief!

Tomorrow’s plans, baste the spinner quilt, Kyle’s dr appt, quilt the cmas quilts, start another knitttng project for tv handwork .. and the usual stuff too .. dinner, laundry, etc etc etc

I’ll be trying my hardest to stay away from the computer for the next week .. Even with getting my invite to ravelry, I didn’t go overboard on time there πŸ˜‰ And I do need to watch that .. Otherwise I’ll get nothing done and while I’m going to be really pushing it, it’s still doable for getting these quilts done .. All I have to say is Thank God they aren’t full bed-sized quilts! OH almost forgot to mention, I called quilt pro this AM and they are sending out another disk to replace this one – so with our shopping trip to the US, I’ll be getting it then I hope!

Hope everyone is healthy and not stressing about cmas to much


If you can believe it, I finally got the Michigan Left basted! I did thread basting a la Sharon Schambers again – I’m still trying to work out ‘my method’ for doing this .. not that her’s isn’t great – but I think I need to fiddle with my stitch length .. I used a poly bat for this one .. not used poly in YEARS and still not sure if I like it .. but, with me selling this, and ppl not wanting to pay the price of something done in cotton bat, I need to find a way to bring my cost down so that ppl will be inclined to buy. I want to find thin poly bat – this one seemed thin enough, but in hindsight (after basting), I’m not sure it’s going to be thin enough to suit me .. it might just change my quilting pattern .. but I’ll know more when I start to quilt.

I designed Gran’s borders today .. I think it looks rather sharp!! All I actually need to do is create 11 more blocks and just use them by half .. altho a thought does occur to me – with the added 1″ narrow border, that is going to change my block size, so I’m not sure that I’ll be able to use the exact size that’s in the quilt .. I’ve not drafted this as of yet, so we’ll just have to see .. and that outer ‘border’ is in actuality, the binding – I like to get a visual of exactly how it’ll look when it’s done. I’ll be doing the borders scrappy as well with hopefully some of the same fabrics – if I have any left of them .. I’m sure I do – but we’ll have to see .. Instead of HSTs in the corners, I just might do squares instead. It does occur to me after looking at it, if I continue the borders all the way to the edges, then I shouldn’t have to do deal with any math, as the extended borders will ‘frame’ the sections nicely .. my version of quiltpro doesn’t allow me that sort of design license, so I’ll have to do this by hand on draft paper.

In response to a challenge that is still in our testers group, I drafted up this block for me – this isn’t the way it started out on draft paper – as I started to add the colours, I saw different movement and clicked away like mad. Well while doing this, I was thinking about doing a lap quilt for kyle for cmas. He’s using his quilts I made him for when he was in a toddler bed – so I think that he’s due for a new one (oh and while I didn’t find all the backing for his bed quilt, I did find other stuff I can use for backing .. so that will be getting pieced soon). I started thinking about how this block would look in a quilt and then started to play again ..

I want to do his team colours and maybe his teams logos like I did for Reg’s quilt – while this one won’t have them the way reg’s did, I can still do smaller ones for the corners or maybe 2 in the center of the quilt (UofM & Red Wings) .. I’m still thinking about it .. oh his teams?? UofM, Detroit Red Wings, Indy Colts – and well we won’t touch baseball .. I think he professes to be a Detroit Tiger fan to stop reg and I from ribbing him, but I think he’s still a Boston fan at heart .. Sports teams gets pretty nasty in my house LOLOLOL ..but that’ll be another post.

So his colours for this quilt would be yellows (maize), blues, reds, (his favourite colour!!) and white / neutrals .. and this quilt has all those colours in it!! Altho with hi being a 13 yo boy, I’m not sure bout white .. we’ll have to see .. These blocks are 21″ so that will give him a good size lapquilt for himself. What’ll be even nicer, I can get all the HSTs ready right under his nose – LOLOLOLOL There are times I love how sneaky you can be, being a quilter πŸ™‚

Best laid plans ..

I so wanted to be so much further today. It was to be our sew-in for our list. Seems there were sew-ins going on all over the web today.

My plan WAS to have all the freemotion quilting done for this quilt. But that isn’t going to quite happen. I wanted to do all the freemotion first because changing from freemotion quilting to striaght quilting on my 15-91 is just a bloody pain. I LOVE this machine for freemotion .. it’s a dream for it .. but oh my Lord, what a pain. On these machines, you couldn’t drop the feed dogs, so what do you do?? You cover them .. Me being a quilter and a great recycler, rescued a pizza box that destined for the recycle bin .. I cut the pieces I need from when needed and tack them down with scotch tape. It’s a great system and it works! Only drawback, covering and uncovering the dogs tends to wear on one a bit .. so that’s why I wanted to get ALL the freemotion (well maybe not the borders yet) done in one shot.

I did get quite a bit accomplished tho! I’ve the 1 completed section that I did before, 7 are basted and freemotion quilting done, 1 section needs to have the flannel pieced, and I’m one yard short (like I figured before) for the last section. But I do have enough backing, I’ll just have to piece the last section for that. What I’m going to try (operative word is TRY) is to piece the flannel like you would batting .. should be interesting and I think that it’ll be great if it works – I see no reason why it shouldn’t .. but that statement is just begging for trouble hehhe – So things are well on their way for this. Just not as far along as I would like to be.

I ran out of Sullivan’s tonite so that meant I had to go back to old school for basting. I don’t like Sullivan’s on the larger quilts at all, but for these smaller sections (bout 1 yard square), it’s just perfect. I’ve only had to do 2 sections that way. The first I did thread basting the Sharon Schamber way. I LOVE her method, but me and the threads .. not sure .. I can’t explain it, I’m actually struggling for some words here for it .. maybe it’s my comfort level?? You know what it might be – when you use pins there is a predefined space .. the size of your pin .. with threads that’s not the case and it’s not rigid. So in my mind, I’m guessing that I’m thinking it’s shifting etc – when in reality it’s not .. I’ll keep trying it, but I may not be able to overcome that .. I’m still going to use the rest of her method … just might have pins instead of thread.

Well tomorrow (today??) is another day – and it’s football time .. not sure what I’ll get done then – maybe my 97 swap quilt – I’ll work on that again ..

have fun!!