The Nameless …Things learned

20150210_121105For my first bargello, I think I did a pretty decent job of it. I do like the three dimensional look I’ve gotten in this quilt. My initial thought of the faeries or pixies is gone LOL To bad because I was warming up to the idea and already planning my quilting. LOL I do like my colour choices and think I did a decent job with values. I definitely learned a LOT while doing this quilt.  I’m happy that I chose to do a more complicated bargello but not to complicated haha Continue reading

Bargello – Nameless and Borderless

20150209_034104A screwed up sleep schedule can be very helpful when you’ve a project that’s poking at your ribs saying HELLLOOOOOO .. work on me!!! So I followed my instinct and worked on it LOL .. I got it to the point where I was starting to see something and I just couldn’t help myself .. I kept going!  I was seeing mountains here .. no more pixies or faeries which is a real shame because I really did like the idea of tying that in .. At this point I was thinking fire mountain … sunrise in a deep valley .. with a twist because that twist is really showing with my first narrow strip.  The whole while I was working on it, that was buzzing in the back of my brain along with borders ..

20150209_080132It went together really quick once I got a rhythm going – I didn’t even notice the time after a bit .. Just kept working in sections and putting up strip after strip – I kept eye balling the stack of fabric that wasn’t going to be used.  I didn’t have to much left over of the strips that I put together before I started – it was the bits I had to take apart to make variations in the pattern.  Borders I was thinking .. borders .. borders .. borders .. and I’m still thinking borders LOL .. I’ve a few ideas, but pretty sure they aren’t going to work . nothing has totally bit me on the nose and hey  . try this LOL.

I am pleased with how it’s turned out so far.  I just have to figure out borders then quilting.  20150209_075716

Today I get my swap partner for the candle mat swap – I’m so looking forward to that – the pattern looks fun as hell!

Pixies .. forest??

Who knew that it would take over 10 hours to stitch up 144 strips of fabric??? LOL Before I started though I made another change to the location of a few fabrics. I’m sure that doesn’t shock anyone as I’ve not been able to settle on a final layout for colours. The instructions said to do values from dark to light – but now looking at what I’ve got I’m thinking I should have done colour family then values inside of families. Not that I’m saying I’m not happy – I think it’s looking great!! It’s just an aside observation is all.  I kept agonizing over the placement of the red and also of the blue print – I finally accepted that they would just be ‘wild cards’ and let the pieces fall where they may. Continue reading

I am truly amazed ..

At how much fabric 3 little boxes can hold!  In a last ditch effort to not have to pull all the boxes of books out the closet again, I went to the basement to dig through some boxes there – well I found 3 boxes – included in which was my fabric dyes and paints *happydance* Definitely happy to find those!  No books though – I really wanted to work on a convergence quilt – even went so far as to see if there was a Kindle version on amazon for it .. nope – hardcopy only – that’s okay .. I’ll find those books .. eventually!!

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