Fabric Fondling

I‘ve not sewn a stitch, but I did fondle fabric today πŸ˜€ WHOOO HOOOO .. quilterhappydance!! I’ve been feeling the time slip away from me for the ArtIllusion Mystery .. I need to get my quilt top, backing and binding in – preferably 2 weeks ago, but it’ll be going in the next day or so at least πŸ™‚ Today I went shopping in the states with my dad and after the drudgery part was done, I headed over to Joann’s and walked into a sale – good thing as I didn’t have my coupons, nor even looked at them lately .. My sole purpose was to get fabric for the binding, dye, and backing fabric. Mission Accomplished!

HPIM2968.jpgYou should have seen me standing in front of the quilter’s fabrics at Joann’s – hehehehe .. I hadn’t had a chance to look at my quilt or even measure it lately – so I’m wracking my poor work-fried brain to try and remember what brights I had used in my quilt 😦 I could remember oranges and blues and purples and greens .. and I did even seen a few fabrics there that I KNOW are in my stash .. but do you think that I could remember what fabrics I had put in this quilt .. and of course I didn’t have a picture of it on my phone .. so I opted for orange .. and I knew I had a ton of different oranges in my quilt … of course I couldn’t decide so I grabbed 3 different ones πŸ™‚ and they were on sale .. so even better for me! I also grabbed some orange dye for the backing .. you can see part of the backing there – yes it’s a whole piece .. I bought 119″ wide and went from there – gotta love cheating! Oh and course I did all the math for how much I would need for binding and backing while standing in line LOL … That was the easy part!

HPIM2970.jpgNormally on Monday, I would have gone to Kyle’s ball game, but since there’s an issue with the car right now, and we only have 2 bikes and 3 people, I figured I would stay home and just play with my fabrics – washing the binding fabrics and then dyeing my backing .. I forgot how much fun that is πŸ˜€ I’m not 100% totally pleased with the way the backing turned out – but it’ll do. And it was a LOT of fun! I am sorry I missed his ball game, but I really did need this creative outlet – just to do some GRACE stuff!

I opted against the bright orange on the left of the previous picture. My choices were between the floral with orange in it and greens and reds and creams .. and the medium orange. It was a hard choice … and normally I wouldn’t have made up my mind until after it was quilted, but this one is being sent away to be quilted for the book, so I don’t have that luxury this time. I went back and forth and back and forth and just couldn’t decide to save my life.

HPIM2972.jpgThen I finally started to think (neat trick,eh?) I started to think, I knew I wanted a binding that pulled all the colours / elements together. So I started to look harder at the one floral one .. that seemed to fit more with the rest of the fabrics that I used for the background and it does have reds, oranges, greens and creams in .. so when I started to think like that, it wasn’t so hard a choice afterall! I really did want to frame this with a darker more subdued fabric.

On a more personal front, the end is near for this 2 – 11PM shift from Hell. I sooo canNOT wait! it’ll be nice to get a life back again! I’ve my shift bid here and am working on it – they’re due by the 23rd and I definitely plan to have it handed it! Just hope my score card stays good enough so that I can get a better shift that will allow me to have some modicum of a life … even if it is just a wee smidge of one πŸ™‚ Happy Happy Joy Joy

I’ve also caved and we are getting a whole new internet, phone and cable tv provider. The super slow speeds that I’ve been contending with lately have put me in no end of a panty twister – and with all I’ve gone thru with this provider, I wasn’t in the mood to put my big girl pants on anymore. And reg and his tv .. it’s as bad as me and my internet – nevermind that we are missing all the Tigers games, and football season is coming up .. last season was bad enough with not getting all the games we wanted to watch – plus with this new service, my phone will actually be cheaper .. It’ll be nice to have a speedy internet connection πŸ™‚ and the games we want to watch – Let’s just hope that it delivers what it says it will .. we’ll find out next Tuesday on our install date. I can just see us now .. Reg will be flicking thru the channels like an addict and trying to pry me away from my keyboard might be problematic ..


Life gets busy

Right now that feels like the understatement of the century! It’s been a bit since I’ve done anything that I feel is worthwhile blogging. Lately all I seem to do is work and mindless clicking on facebook after work. I’ve not really been to inclined to even hand sew after work to do my bindings as I just want to veg and do mindless sit still stuff .. But that’s all right .. I know that I’ll feel the urge and then jump all over it like I normally do πŸ˜€

I do have some quilty stuff to share tho ..
hpim2807.jpgRemember this quilt? I entered it into a contest to be the pattern cover for the National Quilters Day Mystery Hunt by Anilee Creations. Well I finally heard the other day .. No I didn’t win, BUT, what they are doing is going to publish a book with the pattern and the quilts that everyone made .. isn’t that cool! I’m just rather awestruck by it all!! I just have to supply the backing and the binding. Since this quilt is so feminine, I think I’ll do some hand dyed yellow for the backing and see what I can come up with for the binding .. maybe more of the same?? Not sure as this was a scrappy quilt, and am unlikely to have anymore of my lighter colours kicking around .. or even the darks that I used .. so I’ll have to lay it out and fiddle with fabrics … ohhhh ahhhh playing with fabric!!! Sweet There’s 7 quilts that are going to be included .. not sure if these were the runner ups or everyone that entered a top – either way .. I think it’s awesome!

HPIM2899HPIM2897For the past month, my days off usually consisted of rain .. so my back veggie garden didn’t get worked on at all! I sure didn’t feel like playing in mud puddles on my day off, that’s for sure! Poor thing … not sure if I am going to plant anything in there .. but I’m not going to leave it weed choked which it seriously was But before I was even going to consider tackling this, my front garden needed just a few more things done to it before I would be happy. As it stood, the 8 o’clock’s i had planted from seed were coming up nicely, mum’s lilies are about to bloom and my goldmun speria is all flowered. I needed a border flower so I picked up some light purple (yes I said purple .. shock surprise), and wanted to lay some cedar mulch down. Happy happy joy joy .. I got that done today πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Yup that made me VERY pleased to say the least.

HPIM2900Now for the back .. while reg did the ribs on the grill, I started to yank out the weeds in the back .. Reg jumped in and helped too! Thank God for small mercies! heh .. and course we saved some for Kyle too πŸ˜‰ This was supposed to be his job 2 weeks ago and for some strange reason (known only to a teenage mind), it just didn’t get done .. so I put him to work πŸ˜€ Muhahahahahah – Doesn’t he just look THRILLED! He’s a bit left to do, but he’s got the rest of the week to do it.

HPIM2898So I’ve managed to get a lot done today, including watching Kyle’s baseball game too … oh and they won .. I’ve not a clue how they managed it, but they did .. woo hooo … so now I get to watch my garden fill out and bloom with dark purple, (gee there’s purple again!!), light purple, dark pink, white and yellow (mum’s lilies) I think that it’s going to look GREAT when it’s finally all in bloom and growing nicely. Curse this stupid weather .. today was the first ‘hot’ day we’ve really had and it was a great to work outside in it .. and of course ‘something’ is growing and driving my allergies to distraction – so while our summer appears to have started about 5 weeks later, I’m sure hoping that the fall and winter start later as well .. I LOVE spring and summer and am seriously starting to feel like I’m being robbed πŸ˜‰

ArtIllusion – Finished / Termine / Terminado / Finito

Heh πŸ˜€ I think you rather get the point .. the top is DONE for this .. pics are so-so .. I got kidnapped today and lost the last bit of daylight so nite pics and flash were the order of the day (nite??) But tomorrow is another day for a killer shot for this quilt … I think it’s going to look just awesome in daylight!!


Layout done πŸ˜€

I think I like it. it’s got a nice look to it and gives you a nice spring-y feeling looking at it .. still thinking that one colour family would have been better for the star arms. I see a few spots where I could have kicked myself, but I certainly wasn’t going to frog it . no way! it’s a scrappy quilt and while I tried to not have the same colours next to each other (example – the 9 patches on the bottom left), there just wasn’t a choice in some cases .. but I did okay and I think this will look all cool quilted up and on a girl / woman’s bed πŸ˜€

Now this top is going to be entered in a contest .. IF I win, (which I don’t think I will as I did scrappy) then I’ll ship the top, backing and binding to them, they quilt it professionally and it becomes the cover for the pattern that this quilt was made from ..and it is eventually returned to me LOL

I’ve several people ask me where this pattern is from – this one was a one day mystery hunt in honour of National Quilter’s Day and the pattern is no longer available. But you can sign up to participate in future hunts – there’s one starting up on May 1st – I have a lot of fun doing this and get to find some neat online quilt shops.Β  So I’m looking forward to the May Flowers Hunt.

ArtIllusion – Progress

Well it’s been a day and a half here and I wanted to try and get this top pieced, but it’s not going to happen .. I started to see where I wasn’t quite paying attention, and had to frog .. so instead of making more mistakes .. I stopped .. Figured it was the best thing to do .. maybe another hours work to piece the final 2 sections, then put it all together .. but nope .. that can be tomorrow.



This isn’t the best pic, but it’ll have to do for now .. but it does give you the general idea of how it’s going to look .. I did better this time with spreading out all the different fabrics so they weren’t all bunched up in one area, but there’s still a bit of that going on .. you can likely tell where I was starting to get tired with the duplicating fabrics. Tomorrow this will be all pieced tho πŸ˜€ I’m tickled about about that .. gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling that it’ll be done .. then basting the big fan, quilting it, initial colour challenge blocks and hopefully I can squeeze in testing a mystery

Why the big push you might ask?? Well as of the 13th, I’ll be starting training for tech support for a digital provider .. I’ll be one of those annoying tech support people that ask you all sorts of irrelevant questions that tick you off to no end .. so I’m on my final countdown for getting stuff done. I KNOW that I’ll be dog tired and will likely just fall over asleep when I get home from work, and my quilting progress will likely come to a stand still until I get accustomed to 40 hr work weeks .. yes I’ve been busy and active, but it’s different with working full-time. And it looks like I’ll be on afternoons, which is sort of okay as I’m a nite owl anyways .. but there’s Kyle’s ballgames and whatnot that I’ll miss .. I’m NOT going to miss his confirmation or grade 8 graduation tho – you can bet your bippy on that!

Anywho .. I’m whacked and I’m off to sleep .. or at least to read for a bit – THEN fall asleep πŸ˜€

ArtIllusion – Part 6

After spending the last 45 mins crawling around on the floor, I’ve remembered and sworn even more that I will NEVER pin baste by crawling around on the floor again! I’m getting to old for this – toss in bad knees and a bad back and it’s a recipe for disaster LOL .. Good thing I thread / pin baste the easy way .. Thank you Sharon!

HPIM2801-1.jpgIt was rather worth it mind you. I was doing the layout for the ArtIllusion Mystery .. I tested out my wall last nite and it’s too large for the space there, so that left the floor .. so I laid a sheet out on the floor and started to put blocks out. I tried not to have to many of the same fabrics / colours touching each other, but in same cases, it is what I wanted – as you can see in the pic here .. same with a few 9 patch and the background squares they are next too .. just helps to create some flow. Least I think / hope so :S .. But with this being scrappy I didn’t want to do too much control .. just rather wanted to have bits and pieces blend into each other ..


Part 6 - ish

I didn’t really think about the actual size of this, but you figure (twit for brains here), that’s a double sheet that I used for laying the blocks out on – and these blocks would NOT fit on my design wall!! So much for just doing lap quilts for mysteries :|.Β  This rather explains all the cutting and digging I had to do too for the scraps.Β  I really need to pay attention to the measurements that are postedΒ  .. ESH!!!

My plan with using the sheet is rather elementary .. lay the blocks out on the sheet, then I can roll it up and take it back into my cat cave with me – without having to do to much disturbing of the blocks .. granted this is going to change .. but I couldn’t wait that long to see what this will look like .. not to bad .. I need to check my layout around the star and the arms to be sure that they are all going the right way .. knowing me, I’ve something switched in a spot or two .. You could even say did part of my colour challenge again as I’ve included orange in here too πŸ˜€ Rather spring like me thinks .. purples, blues, greens, reds, oranges, creams, peaches, yellows and whites oh and pinks too! And lots of floral fabrics, with a yellow gingham type print tossed in for good measure. Holly didja see it???

Now to put it all together and then get a better pic .. sorry for the quality of this one – nite time and flash .. and with us actually getting snow AGAIN, I’m not taking any outside pics any time soon!Β  Not sure how I entirely feel about this one .. I do like it, but it’s not smacked me in the face yet .. Maybe I’m being overly critical of it .. but the swirly star arms do stand out and that’s what I did want when I picked the darker / brighter colours for those sections.Β  One colour family might have been a better idea for that part.Β  I know .. hind sight is 20/20 πŸ˜‰

ArtIllusion – Part 4 & 5

It doesn’t seem like I got a lot done today – Not sure why – just does .. I know I’ve been in my cat cave for most of the day strip piecing and cutting, strip piecing and cutting .. I just feel like I should have more done today that I actually do ** shrug .. ah well ..


Almost Part 4

I did do a LOT more cutting today .. I thought I would make it easier on myself to have my strips the size I need for the split 9 part of this particular block I did today .. What I’ve got here are the parts of the split 9 / HST just before I put them all together into their respective parts. This was as close to a brown bag as I could have gotten without actually using one .. harmonizing colours to an extent together (but this quilt is made up of colours that harmonize .. ) or colours that create enough of a contrast so that they don’t blend into the next square.


Part 5

I think I did pretty well in trying to not have the same colours together, but as you can see in these, that some greens did end up together – but the good thing is, they aren’t the same green .. but then again .. I was giving it an honest effort NOT to control this too much .. I did pretty good me thinks! and nothing really clashes here either .. but i won’t know for sure until I get the blocks / squares all together in a layout ….


Parts 1 - 5

And that’s the next step! I’ve everything all ready to go for the layout part of it … I’m almost tempted to just lay it out on the floor to see how it looks, but that means I have to pick it up again! Not tonite . please not tonite .. This is going to roughly finish up at 60 x 72″ and I’m not sure my design wall will hold all that – width wise, yes .. length .. no .. The pattern didn’t call for strip piecing .. but I wasn’t about to sew all 168 2 Β½” squares together 1 by 1 .. that would exceed my patience factor!

I feels GREAT to have these all squared up ready to go .. no more cutting / squaring for a bit now πŸ˜€ Least not with this quilt! Tomorrow Part 6!

ArtIllusion – Part 3

Last nite I had my fabric cut into strips and squares just waiting for me to get to it today πŸ™‚ I decided to strip piece in order to make things easier and quicker for me .. worked out pretty good, but I kept reversing the block :\ .. but it all worked out in the end.

HPIM2787.jpgI ended up with these poor orphans left over from the top rows of strips starting from the top (lights and mediums) Rather pathetic little pile left over isn’t it? But it does tell me that I did a great job estimating how many strips I would need for Part 3 – and that makes me feel great .. I’m sure I’ll something useful for them .. not to sure what .. but I’m sure that something will come to me .. It usually does .. right as I’m about to fall asleep at nite .. then of course .. you pop right away .. You know .. so far this quilt hasn’t made to much of a dent into my scrap bag .. it sure doesn’t look any smaller .. and we aren’t going to talk about the pile that is breeding on the corner of my cutting table .. there’s likely another Β½ bag there at least (!)


Part 3

.. 26 … 27 … 28 … 29 … aw crap .. I’m 3 short – pfft. Ah well ..scrounge, hunt, scrounge for long enough bits of this and that to make make them up .. I wanted them to be somewhat close in colour so it wasn’t to scattered all over the map .. yes as Carmen says, I’ve redefined “controlled scrappy” one of these days I’ll do a true brown bag scrappy quilt .. promise! Well i finally found enough of 2 different colour schemes to get the final 3 blocks done and voila! Part 3 is fini!Β  Holly can you see them???


I’m done in .. been a day of popping up and down like a jack in the box, as well as doing some grocery shopping, daddy drop /drive in, dinner, basketball on tv .. blah blah blah .. you get the picture .. so tomorrow, I start on Part 4 ..

Oh and my order showed up from joann’s .. I ended up with 2 yards of the material I ordered instead of 3 .. well that’s better than nothing I guess .. what a waste of a 40% off coupon tho pfft