1800s as ONE

I‘m rather sitting here in stunned disbelief and am sort of at a loss for words (and you just so know that’s unusual for me ;)). Well, it’s all one piece .. all those itty bitty (hardly itty bitty) sections – as compared to the whole size of it, are together as one – and it was such a battle too – I think I did the Civil War all over again!!

hpim25521Back in September, I posted about a brain storm I had for not having to sew the backing by hand when the sections were together. Well twit for brains here did a great job on it – BUT, I neglected to jot down my numbers for this, and what steps I was doing – or if I did jot down the numbers and take notes, it’s vanished into the black hole that swallows up various other items in my sewing room (AKA the cat cave). So I had a LOT of stops and starts, refiguring, retrimming, and I was totally frustrated. I had a HUGE overhang that I was going to have to hand sew down anyways – after all that pinning and tuck n roll of the backing that I did .. I was so totally NOT impressed with myself – Then I hit a seam ….

hpim2554I thought I was on a roll until I hit the first cross seam – ohjesusmaryjoseph!!!! I gave up right then and there .. I came to the conclusion that I would just have to get over myself, put on my big girl pants and hand sew the back seams down ..

After I got over myself and took several deep steadying breaths, I moved right along and the rest went fairly quickly .. Just had to do a LOT of manhandling of a king size quilt (imagine if this had cotton batt instead of flannel!!!)

Several hours pass … Kid’s waiting for dinner – the dog’s dancing to be fed as well … I keep turning myself into a human pin cushion and seam ripper stabber ….

Well it’s together .. FINALLY – it’s all ONE piece .. amazing! I still need to sew the back seams, and then cut the binding .. oh the joys of a king sized quilt! Again 2 different angles with me contorting myself to get the pics .. but this is a much better picture than the sections just laid out me thinks ..

HPIM2557.jpg HPIM2555.jpg

HPIM2559.jpgThe back of the quilt isn’t all that bad in reality – it’s just the 2 long seams that need to be hand tacked down .. well wait a second – there are the seams that have the huge ‘overhang’ that I will do by hand as well …

HPIM2560.jpgHere’s a close up the upper right corner of the previous picture .. this was the section that just about had me in tears and where I finally just gave up and decided to hand sew ..

Am I totally pleased with it .. not sure right now .. I’m still rather frazzled from the battle of the seams and I rather feel like I’ve been beaten by an inanimate object and I just sooo hate that! On the bright side – it is in one piece WOW .. I guess .. now to stuff it in a closet and to not see it for a month or two LMBO .. ahem .. just kidding .. but it is tempting 😉

3 Sections Ready

Here’s a quick pic of the 3 sections, laid out as best as I could in the space I have. Granted I could likely use the bed, but you would see less of it as there is going to be some overhang.

I managed to get 2 different angles by smashing myself against the walls and contorting myself to try and stay as straight-on as possible .. heheh .. good thing no one was taking a pic of me while I was doing this .. There’s been a few shots that I’ve taken where I’ve had to drape backwards over monitors, furniture, tables and the like LOL

You can click these for a larger image in a new window.

HPIM2550.jpg HPIM2551.jpg

I’ll be working on getting all the sections together after I do some trimming of the backing and getting that tacked down. This quilt could actually be done soon :O WOW .. it’s rather mind-boggling .. the finish is going to be all the motivation I need right now to get this finished 😉

2 sections of 3

After looking at these sections and stalling and putting them off, I finally decided that I would just do IT! For the past few days, I’ve been working on a sweater for me and since the back is done, I finally got moving on this.


Top Section

I’ve been dreading cutting the larger pieces (trimming the flannel and backing at the edges), so I’ve not done it! Well now I have (least these 2 sections I have), and I’m just going to get moving on this .. I guess I’m not in a finishing mood right now – or rather not in the mood to do the heavy work of quilting .. this is what I call the heavy work .. manhandling the quilt instead of the smaller blocks. And of course I’ve not done the same thing in each section as I’m rather making this up as I go along .. I will have to hand sew one of the seams along the back, but that can be done when I do the binding.

So here’s the two sections that I have pieced so far .. I’ve got the final third, then the final battle of getting all 3 long sections into 1 quilt .. and no I’m not looking forward to this at all! But I’ve vowed no more new quilt projects until, I’ve a few finishes under my belt.


Top / Middle Sections

As you can see I’m not going to have the room to show you the finished quilt, I’m not even sure I’ll be able to lay out the 3 sections before they are finally pieced together!! I do have a plan for showing the finished quilt. At my dad’s house, there’s a sun roof off my old bedroom. I was thinking of hanging that on pant hangers and then hanging it off the gutters, then taking a pic from there. Of course that will have to wait until the weather is warmer. I could do that here, but I’ll have post railings and deck railings from the front and back porch / deck interfering with the lay of the quilt and it won’t look all that great. So that is the plan at this point.

I have been in knit mode lately – made 6 dishcloths and am working a cabled hoodie for me – I’ve altered the pattern so it’s a full frontal zipper, but have not started the front yet. Since my old blog was finally unlocked, I may just use that one for my knitting project progress and share the postings of finished projects here .. still thinking about it.

Quilting 1800 ways …

After consciously stalling for a good week, I finally got the quilting done on my 1800 quilt .. just 2 bloody sections is all I needed to do .. now I did have some valid stall reasons – which presented themselves during the freemotion part – but it was either put on my big girl pants and deal with it, or this would never get finished!

Prolly didn’t help that I was in a mood today .. can’t tell you why, but I was NOT a happy camper – spent all day glowering and grumbling like a bear with a sore tooth .. who had her hibernation interrupted .. betcha want to spend a day with me when I’m like that, eh? So of course being in said mood, nothing I did, I liked .. BUT, I was going to get this quilting done if I had to kill someone to do it!

HPIM2488.jpgOne of my valid stall reasons, was that I no longer had the flow for the quilting for this .. let’s see, the last time I worked on this (which is the last blog post on this), was back on the 27th of Sept with this post, no pics on that one, but I did put the one section totally together on the 24th of Sept with this post. So needless to say, it’s been a bit .. I did parts of this quilt with a free motion design – no stencils, markings, etc .. so the groove for it was definitely gone! Now that I’m no longer ready to rip someone’s head off, it doesn’t look all that bad .. will the average person / quilter notice? Maybe – maybe not. I know I will .. but guess what – it’s my quilt and of course I’m going to notice it. Now if someone feels so bloody compelled to go into my bedroom and flip my bedquilt over, then they have some other issues that need to be dealt with that have nothing to do with me and I’m going to leave that at that!

HPIM2489.jpgMy mood improved just as mysteriously as it declined earlier tonite .. no clue why, just did .. am I going to delve for that answer .. nope .. just accept it and run with it .. I don’t get like that very often at all .. but when I do, I’m miserable and I’m sure my family is wishing they were elsewhere. Cats and dog included .. least the cats can do hide under tables or something .. poor Orion has no choice being 70lbs and highly visible :\ But I did get another dishcloth finished tonite while I spent some time with Reg after his basketball tourney .. This is supposed to be sage green, but didn’t use a flash to try and show the pretty lattice pattern .. I had some serious counting issues with this and actually had to resort to using stitch markers and my fingers and toes … but this is counted as a finish .. I’ll get a daylight picture of it tomorrow .. it is really pretty.

HPIM2491.jpgI know I said I got all the 1800 quilt sections done and I did .. see them all there all waiting so nicely for me tomorrow!! the folded ones were the ones that were done last fall, and the two open were done today.! All I need to do is trim my edges, join the sections, figure out what I’ll do with the borders and then attach the binding .. well trim those edges after it’s all together of course .. but I can’t believe it! FINALLY!!! I’ll have two quilts in the the “sew down the binding” pile .. how cool is THAT!??!

It will be nice to cross this off my list and call it done .. I think I’ll get one more quilted up, then do a binding marathon .. we’ll have to see .. Kyle is waiting so patiently to have his binding finished off.. maybe tomorrow after this is all sectioned up ..

How did everyone else do today?

7 Sections Done

I did it! All the pieces that I had basted are now quilted!! A few days later than I wanted it to be, but ah well .. what can you do! I spent the past 2 days just taking my time quilting up the rest of the sections.

I did have one moment of worry that my machine was going on vaca and not taking it with me!! At first I thought it was my basting .. this is the one where I did thread basting – I’m thinking to myself .. oh I couldn’t have done it that badly!! Then I noticed (after I was just bout done) that the stitching was pulling and laying on top of my quilting .. I’m like .. I KNOW I didn’t change the tension! But then I sat there thinking .. with all the stops and starts, twists and turns, I betcha that either I or the quilt hit the tension and changed it. The thread wasn’t pulling thru freely either. So I actually finished quilting (Why??? I have no bloody idea as I knew I was going to frog this bit (?)), and then unthreaded the machine, changed the tension back to 3, (it was at 5), rethreaded it and started again ..

Well that fixed it .. All I had to do was rip out that quilting and start again .. of course this was the last section that I had to quilt!

Reg pulled up mum’s machine for me, so now I can piece the flannel that I have left from the other pieces and make enough for one more piece for section #8. Heh .. for this one I’ll even piece the back .. I have to piece one section back too ..

It’s hard to believe that I am sooo close to being finished!! Seriously .. I just have to trim these last sections down, attach them together, get more flannel next week, then ditch stitch all the way around the piece quilt, quilt the borders, bind it stitch it down and it’s actually done (!) This is the home stretch .. seems so hard to believe after all this time .. WOW!  I know this seems like a lot, but in reality it isn’t.  This is just bits n pieces that are all part of finishing a quilt.

So next steps are to do the piecing of flannel and back, baste and quilt that one section.

Once I get this piecing done, I might start cutting the piece for Carmen’s colour family mystery .. that started yesterday and while I have all week, I can just cut the bits that I need to make a mini 🙂 We’ll have to see.

Back at it again .. finally!

Finally the sharp, debilitating back spasms appear to be gone .. now it’s just the deep ache (burning ache) instead .. I was actually able to go to WalMart tonite and walk around for a bit … mind you, I had to use the cart to walk and support myself, but there was none of the ‘bring-you-to-your-knees” pain that I’ve been experiencing for the past 3 days .. or is it 2?? I’ve not sewn a stitch since the last entry where I pieced 3 sections on my 1800 quilt into one.

Tonite I did get some quilting done, not as much as I wanted, but enough to keep me content .. altho i could likely keep going, I want to stop now, take a hot bath and try to get to sleep at a somewhat decent hour .. last nite I tried to sleep from 1am on . didn’t finally fall asleep until like 5am .. I know I heard Reg’s alarm .. that so was not a fun / comfortable nite for me at all .. and I was still spasming last nite too.

I have now gotten 2 more sections totally finished quilted .. I wanted to do three tonite and sew them up, but I’ll leave that part of the construction until I’m feeling better. I’m going to have Reg set up mum’s machine (does zig zag) for me so I can piece the flannel for one section, then that only leaves me 1 section to buy flannel for and also getting flannel for gran’s quilt .. that is next on my list, as she should be home now from down South and it’ll be getting cooler up there now.

I’m not cutting for a bit either .. just the bits that I need to do for piecing the sections of this quilt. Carmen’s colour mystery started tonite and I haven’t cut anything for it … but I have a week until the next clue .. until then, later on today, I’ve a post scheduled that will show my first clue from when I tested the pattern on labour day weekend. I’ve a few posts that I’ve scheduled for later times – might want to subscribe to the feed for this blog as I’ll not always be posting that they are up on the lists.

So that’s it for tonite – early stopping and a hot bath .. maybe by not pushing myself (it’s not like i’ve a time limit on this quilt), I’ll heal sooner and be back to normal – well at least MY normal self

Hope you are having a great weekend!!

1800 Quilt As You Go .. is actually GOING!!!

L ast nite I had a mini brain storm / super nova .. I was thinking of a way to join my sections without having to do all the bloody pinning and hand stitching etc .. I remembered that I had some fusible tape and when .. oh coo .. I could fuse tape the front AND the back together and do 1 straight stitch all the way down .. well I got my fuse tape in, and the sections all pressed down and ready to go .. I did one pass .. and caught about 60% of the seam and had to sew it again as this was ‘glued’ with seam tape .. **sigh .. soooo I needed to do it again .. ah well .. the idea is SOUND .. but rather hard to get your seam exactly right when its underneath what you are sewing …

By that time, I was done for the nite .. heh .. I actually fired up the sewing room again, just to try this – yeah .. crack for quilters – I know .. Reg says it all the time – I’m rather used to it

So today, I’m thinking more about this in the back of my brain while I’m off doing other stuff .. okay .. fuse tape is a GREAT idea .. it really is .. but i still have the issue of the back seam, and I wouldn’t want to trust fuse tape .. forever .. call my a cynic .. I’ll live and promise not to have my feelings hurt- hehehehe

So I got another great idea, (there’s honestly nothing wrong with my ideas! Just some don’t work to well is all :P) The problem was having enough backing material to fold over to get completely under the stitching line .. so instead of cutting it the same size as my top, how bout I leave it ¼” bigger .. that should solve the problem of having enough seam to work with on the back .. so this time I sewed thru both top sections and ONE back section – the plan here was to press them all the same way and pre-press my back seam down (and no I didn’t use the seam tape this time . just in case I had to rip it out). Then I would do the same ditch stitch that I did on the other section .. This one worked pretty good me thinks .. I only have to hand tack down that one section there .. and that is something that I can live with for sure!

So I really don’t need to use the seam tape .. which is good – mine is 5/8″ wide .. cutting that stuff down is a bother I can do without. Leaving my backing material ¼” bigger than the top, gives me the wiggle room I need for the type of seam I want on the back .. oh and stitching thru the top and ONE back layer is going to work for me – now this quilt will never win any awards, but it’s a first for me and I’m rather proud of all that I’ve accomplished with this quilt ..

Now getting pictures of this thing is going to require some creativity on my part and daylight hours .. I do have a few ideas. I can take the sections here, but will likely have to take the finished thing to my dad’s and have it hang off the sunroof in order to get a really good shot of it .. I don’t have carmen’s woodpile to work with

Oh and Tracy meme’d me earlier .. I’m still going to do that .. just not gotten thru my list yet .. I’ve looked at it .. honestly .. heh .. but that’s about it for that for now .. but Tracy, I promise I’ll do it – I just might have to research what these songs actually are – I’m sure i don’t remember half of them LOL