Wow .. just wow

And I don’t mean White on White .. I mean seriously WOW .. Im rather stunned by how much I forgot – yes that’s to be expected – but not on your own technique!! I had Ruby’s quilt all set up to be quilted last night. But something did not look right to me today. Just couldn’t put my finger on it .. good thing I actually did a tutorial on how to place the tissue paper prior to quilting, I had to read my own tutorial. I had it all glued down sigh So take that all apart and then pin the snot out of it and quilt it row by row. Amazingly enough the one thing that I thought would give me problems did not .. Can I say again how much I love my Singer 15K?? The best damn machine EVER. I think I love this more than my FW. Yes I do believe I just said that outloud. Stranger things have happened LOL

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Meh .. Motifs

20150125_214351It took me forever to decide what to use for motifs – I wasn’t sure if I would use a ‘block’ in the center of the kites or just do a continuous. I finally tested a block motif and I did not like how it looked – so that problem solved . at least lol

I decided on butterflies – I didn’t want to do something to complicated as I’ve not done this for 2 years and I’ve already tripped over boat loads of frustration while attempting to figure stuff out .. I’m telling you – yoga has never been so helpful haha – altho today Im not so sure it will help.

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