Whiskers n Bindings

HPIM0523.jpgWhisker kisses. That’s what I woke up to today. I felt a tickling on my nose, cracked open my eyes to see a pair of yellow greeny eyes staring right into mine with a nose less than ¼” away from my own. And these eyes didn’t move either .. so I gave a quick blow at the nose, and it vanished for a second .. just long enough to close my eyes, then I felt the tickling on my nose again .. more whisker kisses .. she’s not done that to me before .. least not so I’d wake up .. so with her being pretty persistent, I gave up and got up. Seemed the smart thing to do, as I couldn’t see her giving up anything soon – thus started my Saturday.

Gorgeous weather today altho a bit breezy, but still a respectable mid 60s – had the house to myself for about an hour, and enjoyed the peace before chaos central hit with reg, kyle and my dad .. I actually got to watch a Tiger’s game today and they WON WON WON!!!!!! It was the first game I’ve seen in about 2 weeks with being on the 4pm – 1am shift. one more week of this shift and then it changes .. altho I have no idea what one I’ll get, I put in for a mid day type shift … but have to wait until Wednesday to find out about that.

HPIM2851.jpgBut I did manage to put my day off to good use – I dug into my binding pile and pulled out kyle’s spinner quilt and started the binding .. I had a devil of a time finding thread to come close to the binding colour!! I had a spool put aside, but with all the red I’ve done lately, I’m guessing I used it .. oops :O .. but all’s good – found a deeper oxblood type red that is just about invisible against it and am using that .. I managed to get ½ of the binding sewn down .. When Kyle saw that I was working on one of his quilts he was pretty pleased about it .. got a big grin on his face and said GREAT! Altho he wants his bed quilt done first .. but I told him that this is the one I want to get published, so he’ll just have to wait on his bed quilt .. he told me that the other one he has is just to heavy for right now .. so I told him, I would do what I could, BUT I wanted to get a quilt done for me between his quilts .. my poor 97 swap quilt is needing repair again, and I just want to put it away before it gets totally destroyed.

Tomorrow (as far as I know – this is Reg we’re talking about), I’ve nothing planned and should actually be able to get the rest of the binding down on this quilt .. wouldn’t that be sooo GREAT .. I still have to do the label, but will do labels for ALL the quilts waiting for me at the same time.

I feel SOOOOO GREAT to have done SOMETHING – ANYTHING quilty .. i was turning a nasty shade of green reading about all that everyone else is getting done 🙂

Tidbits …

I‘ve not managed to get much done this past week at all short of figuring out my borders for the kitty convergence. They still need to be printed on tissue paper, but getting home after midnite last week, I wasn’t so inclined to cut and print. :\ And of course I’m slow in when I get up, so that doesn’t see me bursting with energy to get it done. I WILL get the few sheets I need, cut and printed this week tho. It’s rather sad that I know it’s a matter of maybe 2 hours work and I’ve still not done it. **sigh lazy lazy lazy LOL

On the work front, I do have good news. The first 2 weeks of work were for training ending in a written test that I needed to get 90% on in order to pass and start on the next phase of my training. Friday was the day of my test and I was tickled to get my score back of 97% 😀 Yes it’s an open ‘book’ test as it were, but you still needed to KNOW how to find all the answers and know that they were the right ones. I missed 2 questions and funny enough, they were the same 2 questions that I missed on the previous tests. Ah well .. I passed and today I will start on my next leg of training which is called ‘nesting’. For the next 5 days I will be paired with a senior agent and will be listening to their calls for tech support. We’ll be “Y-Jacked” together, meaning both plugged into one phone, and I’ll be able to listen to him/her take the calls. While listening, I’m hoping to be able to have a puter next to them so that I can search and do the rest of the call while they do. Maybe with luck I’ll feel confident enough to actually take a call today .. I was told during training that the sooner you take a call, the faster you adapt and the better you do – so I’m hoping to try one call today. We’ll have to see how that goes. So this week, I work 4pm – 1am, Monday to Friday. This is likely my last weekend off – we’ll have to see how it goes. Kyle has his confirmation in May, and I need to have that nite off, so I just might see if I can schedule my weekends to be Tues and Wed for May. And his grade 8 graduation is June 22nd, so to ensure that I get that nite off, I might have to schedule that I have tues and another nite off in June.

HPIM2845.jpgI did get a wonderful surprise from Aune in Finland on Friday. I had sent her some tissue paper as she wasn’t sure what it was, and she decided to send me some of her gorgeous hand and sun dyed fabrics. I was totally stunned to receive such gorgeous fabrics .. I never expected this! The one on the bottom right is sun dyed and had salt used on it as well. The one on the bottom left was one that used a technique called pushing up. Aren’t they just gorgeous! And what a nice feel they have .. I think I might use these in a convergence quilt .. they do see well suited for it 😀 Aune thank you very much again for the gorgeous fabrics. Like I mentioned before, these are too dear for tissue paper.

HPIM2847.jpgHPIM2848.jpgSpeaking of fabric, I ordered some a while ago and I hadn’t shared the with you as yet. I got these on sale from the spiders web and just feel in love with the batiks. I’ve no clue what I’ll be doing with them, but I’m sure something will occur to me. I was looking or some background / blenders when I tripped over the batiks, and they were a good price ,so how I could i resist 😉 The piece with LOVE on it and the metallic is an FQ .. and I’ve no clue what I’ll be doing with that one. I just liked it and I thought it would be a cute piece to have. Of course since I have it .. nothing is jumping up and biting me on the nose at all. BUT, I do know that it will speak to me when the time is right. It’s really out of my normal buying pattern. I can honestly say I’ve nothing in my stash that is even remotely like that! I was looking for more oranges, but there wasn’t any there on sale.

HPIM2842.jpgOf course Pixel isn’t one to stand by while other excitement is going on in the house and be ignored! It finally got warm enough here that we opened the windows. Boy did that feel GREAT .. having fresh air thru the house – it’s almost like a cure all tonic! Well Reg went and opened Kyle’s bedroom window, BUT he forgot that the screen is only on one side. So he opened the side with NO screen. And Pix being Pix .. said thankyouverymuch and out he went. Course I didn’t know this .. I was watching something on tv getting harassed by Shadow, when I was starting to wonder WHERE is Pix?? It’s not like him to not be here and try to hog attention all for himself from Shad. I was looking around and wondering just where he was. Reg was talking to me and I interrupted him because I thought I heard something and asked him to turn down the tv. I listened again, and heard it .. MROW .. I look at the front door, look at reg and jump out of my seat and send poor Shad flying … I open the front door and there’s Pix, on the front porch, nattering away about being let in right NOW! Let me tell you, the first thought was Thank God that he didn’t run into the HUGE male next door (prolly 25 lbs), Pix, while a tough cookie, is no match for that cat .. specially since he doesn’t have front claws. He was likely gone in total 30 minutes. Long enough that I was wondering where he was, but he came back. Needless to say, we are carefully watching which way the window opens after THAT! Doesn’t he look pleased with himself the BRAT! LOL

Busy Weekend

Wow but it was busy this weekend .. didn’t get done what I wanted to get done as Reg wanted to go shopping in the states, but that’s okay .. we won’t be heading back for another month .. and Man O Man did we walk into some PHENOMENAL sales!! Could NOT believe it .. so it was good that we did go.

hpim2404.jpgDidn’t get a stitch of quilting done (well I did draw ONE line for the planet patchwork mystery on clue #3), but did finish Kyle’s balaclava last nite. This pic shows it with me using the provisional cast-on that I thought of while working on Reg’s plowhat.

hpim2408hpim2406Kyle’s mood improved since I posted this and he agreed to modeling his new hat for me.  I think that this will be more than warm enough for him during the walks home from basketball practice afterschool.  Doesn’t look to shabby it in either, even if I do have a biased opinion – hey I’m mum .. so I’m entitled

hpim2401.jpgheh .. the dog just cracked me up last nite .. I see this view of her first and wonder “What on Earth??” .. she tends to lay under the footrests on the couch when she’s chewing on something like her rawhide or treats that she wants to
hpim2402.jpghoard all to herself .. but I didn’t hear any chewing and I hadn’t given her a treat .. so I look at the other end of the ‘tunnel’ and she’s just laying there .. sorry – I just had to share that .. it was just way to cute .. this 70lb dog laying under a footrest LOLOLOL

We did raid barnes & Noble and borders .. and I actually managed to get 2 of the books I really wanted to get .. I got my paws on “Scarpetta” by Patricia Cornwell, and “Cross Country” by James Patterson, These 2 books were “gotta haves” for me. I did also pick up “The Good Guy” by Dean Koontz, and “The Alibi Man” by Tami Hoag. I’ve not read a book by her a quite a bit, so this will be a nice side trip for me.  I “MIGHT” have enough reading material for a while now .. I hope

The biggest reason we headed into borders and Barnes & Noble was to hunt down a Vogue Knitting magazine (fall Issue) called Smitten with Mittens .. I can get it from the publisher at $9.99 but the original cover price is $6.99. It’s not used on amazon.com – yet – but I did find it on ebay and have less than 24hrs to find out if I’ll get sniped at the end of this and not ‘win’ the magazine. If I do lose this auction, does anyone have it?? I’m willing to purchase, trade etc for it .. but let’s see if I get the auction first – 1 day is all that’s left on it ..

Oh do you remember back in December when I posted that a friend of mine was doing “Charms for Charity” on her site? Well if you can believe this, I’ve actually won the second drawing!! How cool is that! Michele has mailed them to me, but they’ve not landed in my mail box yet .. I will definitely share with you when I do.

So I’ve some plans of things to work on .. The planet patchwork big fan mystery, quilting the spinner quilt (huge deadline on this), then starting some new socks. As I said before .. the beginning of this year will be for finishes and I’m actually pretty excited about it .. but nothing will really be in gear until after I return from Guelph on the 12th

Saturday Stuff

hpim2291So far nothing quilt related done today, but the house is done (!!) Kyle finished setting up our village before he took off with my dad again for the afternoon for shopping and left me to do the rest of the clean-up – that’s okay .. it likely would have been a case of me having to get him back to do it again and again .. and I really didn’t want to deal with that :\. heh – while I was downloading the pics from my camera, I noticed that he had taken this pic of himself with the camera this am – I had mentioned to him earlier that I wished I had got a pic of him in his new duds 🙂 To bad he didn’t smile ..

Ooops he’s back and looks like it didn’t go well .. I rather figured it wouldn’t as my dad’s in a mood .. but normally Kyle doesn’t get the brunt of it .. poor guy!

hpim22931I had meant to post a pic that I manage to get of Shadow the other day but had forgotten about it .. I wasn’t going to at that point, but last nite as I was just finishing up emails, I hear this tinkle, tinkle of tree ornaments .. here I am thinking that Shad was playing with the ornaments and out I go to get her away from the tree .. Next thing I see is this cat launching out of my tree – the wee fiend had climbed the tree again. This pic was taken after Reg had set the tree up for me while I was at work that year. Last year and this year, she didn’t have a chance to roost in it as we decorated it right away .. My darling little Princess Hiss .. gotta love cats. I might have to get a power bar behind the tree so I can put their ‘basket’ there so they can look out the front window – I’m thinking that that was her plan.

hpim2292hpim2293Here’s the job that Kyle did for our village .. altho I can see that the tissue paper isn’t going to last, that is right in the path of the kitty highway .. and there is glitter on the tissue paper which is likely going to end up all over the floor.

Well I’m tired, but a goal is to get something cmas giftee related accomplished today .. so piecing erica’s back or picking matthews backing and basting his quilt .. something – anything ..

Oh and yes, the crud is still around – today is stuffiness and a headache .. (**sigh)

Hope you’re getting stuff accomplished today 😀 AHA .. I need to package up some stuff for mailing – so I’ll do that as I need to make boxes for 2 of the things I’m shipping.

Finally – normal-ish soon …

hpim2229So it finally begins .. putting my poor sewing room / computer room (AKA the cat cave) back together again. It’s been a few days of chaos at it’s best with getting the new computer up and running .. that has been it’s own saga – but it appears to be all good now and how I want / like it. I’m sure I’ve missed a few things, but that’s okay .. the other system will stay set up until I get my upgraded version of quiltpro .. I’m not about to give my quiltpro up .. no way!

hpim2226Now to put my room back to rights. My cutting table has been overtaken with various things (and all in just a week too – how sad is that??) Altho, I do have the fabric I dyed last week out ready to cut, and yarn and various computer stuff for my mac. This ‘mess’ doesn’t help me organize myself as all I see is a mess when I look here .. it’s driving me nuts .. but you know .. putting this to rights won’t actually take long .. I just have to pack up the various puter stuff and put it all in the box. It honestly looks worse than it is b/c it’s spread out .. but I’ll have a nice working space in no time and will be able to cut matthew’s windows soon .. maybe tonite??? how cool would that be?? Tomorrow is rather shot as it’s turkey day, but I imagine I can can get some stuff done ..

hpim2227hpim2228Heh .. I took out the drawer in my desk to make it easier to hook and unhook the ethernet / firewire cables for the network – yes I can get my arm back there easy enough, but it is sooo much easier with the drawer out of there .. honestly it is 🙂 And this drawer is on the chair I use when I’m piecing .. so you know that will have to go back where it belongs. And this really shouldn’t take the long .. the drawer about 20 seconds if that – and that time involves me getting up from this chair here LOL.

The New Do!!

photo-4photo-5Oh and I actually managed to get my hair done yesterday – I did this right after the dog got her shots 😀 .. I had a good 6 – 8″ cut off and I got it highlighted .. wonderful way to hide gray hair me thinks .. altho I have a patch on the top of my head and that’s about it .. but it’s a sizable patch .. I didn’t feel like editing out the lens glare off my glasses so got lazy and took 2 pictures. And this was done with a program called Photo Booth on my new mac .. sure beats trying to take a pic with your arm extended all the way and doing about 5 million shots :\ .. and the camera just interfaces sweetly with the new machine – I just love it!


hpim2232I did mention on Sunday that I had done some knitting to get away from the frustration of the migration assistant not working for me .. it’s turning out really cute and when I did my swatch, my tension was spot on .. kyle wanted it so he’s off with it and doing whatever with it .. wanna bet he doesn’t even know where it is?? LOL and that was just yesterday too .. hmmm – let’s see .. “hey Kyle, where’s the swatch from the other day?” Kyle .. “Oh gee, I don’t know .. why do you want it?” LOLOLOL … KIDS!!! *znerk

At any rate, I’ve only worked on it on sunday and that was it .. it’s about halfway done – lining is just straight stitching. I’m rather torn here – once I get this room in one piece, I would like to just finish this maybe tonite so I can see if it fits or if there are any changes that I have to make on this pattern to fit me .. I plan on making a few of these for me in various colour combinations; my fall coat is darker purple while my winter coat is mauve in colour – so purple is a must and the yarn I grabbed for tying gran’s quilt is perfect for this too 🙂 Nice soft colours that pretty well go with anything.

As for the snowflake I knitted the other week, Val finished hers and it IS a mistake in the pattern – she told me what she did to fix it and I’ll make note of it when I find my pattern pages – they are in the living room with all my yarn and other knitting patterns I’m using .. I have to put them into a book or some such thing as I ‘ve not printed them off for years and they are just stuck in my Vogue Knitting book (this is my knitting bible) for the time being.

ToDo List / Timing

Once I get this cleared up in here I’ve a few things to do:

  1. cut out Matthew’s windows
  2. over-dye spinner backing
  3. borders for Erica’s quilt
  4. finish ear warmer
  5. if time, do snowflake cloth giftees

Not sure on time at all right now .. I’ve lost a good week if not 1 ½ weeks with various shoppings trips etc .. The good news is, the dog went into the vet yesterday for her shots and I got the advantage for her and the cats .. the advantage is the vet prescribed drops that go on their backs .. I’ve not seen Orion or Shadow scratching since yesterday, Pix is still scratching but not going into convulsions like he was .. he’s 98% scratch free now .. so a good cleaning with vacuuming etc, washing floors with flea shampoo, vacuum the beds and couch / chairs, spray the snot out of it and do that once a week for a bit and we’ll be good to go!! How cool is that .. I think we are going to be flea free from now on WOOOO HOOOOOOOO. I rather knew this to be the case, but the vet thinks that pix has a definite allergy to them .. whereas orion and shad are just sensitive .. oh what I said about the scratch-free – Orion just scratched .. but she is done and it was only about 15 seconds .. coo!

More puter geeky stuff
I do have an option of using a program that will allow me to install a kernel of mac os9, but that’s to much reading for right now and I’ve not even tackled it yet. Well I did download it and the documentation and will have to see how it goes .. for the mac ppl out there, it’s called SheepShaver and it looks like to get it via this page, you need to use the terminal mode to get it .. I just did NOT feel like dealing that aspect of, so I found another place to get it at macupdate.com .. and a “how-to” – but that’s just wayyy more than I want to contend with at this time .. So if any of you mac ppl reading this, actually have done this or do this, please let me know .. I feel like with a combination of shopping trips, vet visits, etc, that I’m wayyy behind on my cmas giftees.

Spinning Away …

W ith the bruha that yesterday morning, evening, nite and this morning became, I had some time to kill – and I needed to stay awake .. Normally not a problem – but yesterday (last nite??) was the exception. (see last two paragraphs for entertainment value ;))

hpim2097Last nite I got the border elements done (i think it was last nite), and now it’s measure, average and piece the rest of the border. Actually the sides weren’t to bad – 64½, 64, 64¼ – So I needed to have my borders equal 64¼ – easy peasy .. just time consuming as my border is scrappy reds – so I get it all pressed and just have to see how it looks with some of the elements in place. I like it! I’ve been wanting to extend the quilt into the borders and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so .. fits in perfectly with the design and ‘fun’ of this quilt! I wasn’t OH WOW about it – prolly because I was so blasted tired, but definitely pleased! I think that I’ve hit the right mood & feel with these borders for his quilt. Kind of fun and wonky and a wee bit off-kilter like most 13 year old boys are :). I tried to not have the same colours touching, but really blew that with the border star where both blues the same are smack next to each other. But I’m pretty sure that he won’t be critiquing my layout ..

hpim2100I’m working away and by 3:30am, I have 3 borders on .. wouldn’t you know, I got my second wind – I am so bloody cursed some days! Ah well .. I’ll put this wind to good use and get the rest of the borders on – then I can start doing the basting (again, can only be done now when he’s not home), but not today – I’m to tired to hunt for backing material right now. Of course, it dawns on me that I should have done the borders wonky and off kilter – would have been more fitting with the fun nature of this quilt. I am sooo not going to rip the borders off just to do that! It’s good as it is and I’m pleased – very pleased with how it turned out. I noticed AFTER the fact that I put the borders on backwards to how I laid it out in the first place .. (**snicker)

I was worried that the blues would be to dark and not provide enough contrast with the reds, but I managed to get luck for the most part .. especially after I grabbed those red FQs at Joann’s. now to baste it, well find a backing for it first .. bah .. then once that’s accomplished, quilting, then squirreling it away after it’s done!

Entertainment Value
For some reason my *%@!#$ dog has decided to have herself a barkfest for the past two to three days. Bad enough if I had a small to medium sized dog, but oh no, we have to have a large dog with a LARGE bark!! (**sigh). I wasn’t able to sleep last nite and didn’t get to sleep until 7am or so and fell asleep around that time .. For some stupid reason, I’m awake at 8am – roll over and go back to sleep .. next thing you know, the dog is barking her fool head off – oh the time .. 9am. Needless to say, I was NOT impressed and let her know. Two hours later, she’s barking AGAIN, this time she’s acting like there’s someone in the house (!) .. Yelling from my cozy warm bed, didn’t work, so I actually had to GET out of bed and she still wouldn’t stop barking .. finally, she stops. To say I was unimpressed would have been the understatement of the century(!!) I’m guessing that there was someone at the door. I’m also guessing they really KNOCKED / BANGED on the door .. she tends to freak out when someone POUNDS on the door .. Of course, I’m thinking this, but at that point, I would have cheerfully have murdered whoever was on the other side of the door – I was beyond FURIOUS and my thoughts relating to this person’s parentage of censored! So for their personal safety, I went back to bed .. 11am .. she’s barking again … but not the freaked out barking .. My guess, a leaf? a cat? someone walking down the sidewalk? a car passing? I finally give up around 2pm – not sure if she’s barked again, but I’m awake.

By the time I get my stuff done and dinner started, it’s to late to get kyle’s spinner pressed and laid out on the floor as he’s due anytime. I can get away with the blocks laying around or getting pieced / pressed, but not a whole top on the floor .. rather tricky to explain that .. so I have to wait until he’s in bed. So I start to design my cousin’s quilt for cmas and hunt down appliqué patterns for it. Reg calls me on the way home from work saying that he has to go in at 10pm for work – aw crap .. he’s worked all day, has basketball practice and will have no time to sleep before he has to go in, and will be working all nite – the payoff for working last nite – they would have Friday (today?) off. He gets home and has supper, watches a bit of tv, and then off to work he goes .. he was home for a whole 45 mins .. poor guy! I get a call bout 45 mins later .. guess what .. the other contractors aren’t done, so these guys have to come back in for work to start at 4:30am .. which means .. he’s to be up at 3:45am to leave for work .. which means that with his lack of sleep, he asked me to make sure he’s up and has his stuff ready for work .. what a nite to have to do that (!) I’m dragging from the dog barkfest and broken sleep. Good thing I had something to keep my occupied 😉