12 hours later ..





After all the snow we had Orion and Zeppy are not impress  .. I had to shovel a path so they could go off the walk .. lol

I Hate Moving

I know that hate is a really strong word, but after this last move – it really is appropriate – there just isn’t a strong enough word in English, and even that falls short

This isn’t the first time where my move last May has caused me endless issues finding things. As you can see, I’m still ‘struggling’

It’s my fault of course. pfft House wasn’t fully packed and that created no end of issues. But the worst of it was, I decided that I and my gf would stay back at the old house with the dogs and finish cleaning and doing the last minute awkward packing that always happens regardless of how prepared you are. I figured that I would see them in about 4 maybe 5 hours .. ya right .. try more like almost 8 hours later. Between half the guys buggering off and some of the other’s half doing things – the house was a freeken disaster!!!  For some reason they decided to offload 75% of the truck before the furniture came off the truck, so couches were tossed on top of boxes – my shower curtain is STILL MIA

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Meh .. Motifs

20150125_214351It took me forever to decide what to use for motifs – I wasn’t sure if I would use a ‘block’ in the center of the kites or just do a continuous. I finally tested a block motif and I did not like how it looked – so that problem solved . at least lol

I decided on butterflies – I didn’t want to do something to complicated as I’ve not done this for 2 years and I’ve already tripped over boat loads of frustration while attempting to figure stuff out .. I’m telling you – yoga has never been so helpful haha – altho today Im not so sure it will help.

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Label eh?

Last night was going to start printing out the design on tissue paper to start quilting – then i remembered … LABEL .. I spent some time trying to find a shorter poem to ‘It’s OK to sit on your quilt … but didn’t . instead I opted for two quotes

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

With a butterfly kiss, and a ladybug hug Sleep tight little one, like a bug in a rug.

20150123_174616The design aspect was easy enough – the issue was with printing on fabric and keeping it colour fast which my printer does not do .. I’ve the wrong type of ink in my cartridges. Before I would use Krylon clear matte and that would do it – I did mention that I had moved – but what I hadn’t mentioned it was a move from HELL. I’m still finding stuff .. everywhere .. I know I’ve two boxes of quilt stuff – my books (all my quilt books) and some of my gizmo’s and gadgets – such as all my pigma pens, quilter’s sprays etc etc etc ..  I tripped over a site that said you could use a vinegar bath for 10 mins and that would make it colour fast with letting it air dry … ummm ya NO!!!  It managed to turn my black ink to something fuzzy and purple .. don’t get me wrong, I LOVE purple . but not here.

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