2010 Recylcing Knit Challenge

While i was hunting around for the rest of my costume for Hallowe’en, I saw sweaters at the thrift shop .. pretty nice shades of green that I liked .. and I thought .. I bet I could frog this and re-use this yarn for something that **I** like instead of someone’s cast off .. (blinding nova light moment .. ) Well geeze why can’t I?? so the mental plotting began .. but I didn’t want to do this alone … this seems like the perfect thing to do with your friends .. thrift shop shopping, frogging and knitting!! Yeah i was a wee bit pumped on it

I want to invite anyone that wants to recycle yarn for a knitted / crocheted project are more than welcome to join us .. we are all on ravelry, so it makes sense to do it there with postings to our blogs, web albums, etc etc etc .. Or if we opt not to do a ravelry group, we can use my blog here for links or even create a new one .. plenty of options to choose from!

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was knitless …

This picture was taken on 27th of October at our Knatter nite .. I meant to get this photo and a blog post up titled “Knitless since Tuesday”, but it just didn’t happen .. spending the next 2 days after this as a lump on the couch sick is reason enough .. I just didn’t have the energy or inclination to hunt down a sweater that I wanted to do.


You knew there was a but .. heh .. I found one 😀 ….

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Knitting Blog

I’ve decided to use my old blogpost blog for my knitting stuff – yes they actually unlocked it  .. since most of the ppl that read this blog are interested in quilt stuff, I won’t have to bore you to tears with knitting.

I’ve set up the same subscription options for that blog as I’ve done for this one .. you can do the email subscription there too

If you no longer have my old blogger link, you can click and find it here

Time Flew

It’s been a bit since I posted (or did much of anything), I wasn’t feeling well last week at all and basically dropped off the face of the earth. Well I’m back so to speak and have a mess of things to catch up on. The house, laundry, emails, and of course the challenge that was supposed to start yesterday, but I’ve not done anything on. I’ve done some research and have some links ready to go, but that’s it. It’ll prolly take me a week to get caught up around here. But I’m hoping to have the challenge ready to go soon. I hope

I spent last week being a lump on the couch and praying for my friend’s carmen’s safety and her family. They’ve had the threat of a volcanic eruption hanging over their heads and all the other dangers that are associated with sulphur and dangerous gases being tossed in for good measure.

While I was a lump last week I went on a knitting frenzy – heart dish cloths 😀 I posted 2 of my finishes in my last post and since then have done 3 more .. one of which I designed 😀 My february KAL is for heart designs .. doesn’t have to be dishcloths, but that was the easiest and required only that my fingers work – minimal concentration, so that was a good thing!!

I did a quilted heart dishcloth, a lacy heart dishcloth (this one is really pretty and I had a LOT of fun doing it!) and my Floating locked hearts dishcloth – this one is more of an abstract design with open ended hearts that float – very simplistic and easy to do 😀 The directions are on the Fiberbabble Says blog with a link to a pdf file if you want.


Quilted Hearts Dishcloth


Lacy Heart Dishcloth


Floating Locked Hearts

Please don’t mind the green on the quilted hearts – it is the same green as in the lacy hearts dishcloth, but to show the detail, you get to see a nasty green instead. but the green in the lacy hearts is true to life so to speak. All these images are clickable to larger.

I’m planning on getting into gear on severals things, challenge for OST, guest blogger post, website updating, and my 1800 quilt. I’m working on my Kitchener socks again, and have almost 1 sock done .. I’m at the toe decreases and these socks can’t get done fast enough to suit me!

So time to take something for my head and plot my battle at step one for digging out around here. Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great start to your week!

Dishcloth Finishes

Yesterday I opted to just have a quiet day with the family. And of course I catnapped most of the morning and early afternoon :). I grabbed some daylight shots of the lattice hearts, and started another and finished that too!


Lattice hearts - pattern detail


Lattice hearts - yarn colour


Topsy Turvy hearts

This is the one I finished last nite and got daylight shots of today. I wish it was wider than it is – could really use another column of hearts, but it is a really pretty dishcloth and just love the detail in it.