3 More Beauties

20150330_04243220150330_042442Even with not feeing great, I managed to get 3 more blocks done of my beauties. Only one more block to finish this set and then I have 6 of 10 sets finished.  I’ve not had anymore issues with crimps or crinkles on the curves since I started to work from the outermost edge.  This last set is driving me a bit buggy – there’s so many different sections and only so many colours LOL.  While all the colours work well together, doesn’t mean that the ones I pick at that instance will work 

There are a few blocks that I’m not totally sure of and I might redo them – but that’ll have to wait until they’re all done and I start to play with them as a huge puzzle.  I’m hoping that I have enough background green – there are always batik FQs I can pick up for variety.  I’ve tons of orange, purples and reds and will have enough yellow even if I don’t have a lot of variety with the yellows.  Or I could do my fabric marbling and create my own, just need to pick up shaving cream and do some reading up on fabric dyeing again – I did want to try the wax resist method. I’ve never tried it and I do have wax here as I’ve been making my own candles lately,  I just might do that after I finish the last block in this set – I’ve already have my pieces and foundation paper cut up and ready to go for tomorrow’s sewing,  And the next blocks will be printed out on the quilter’s paper I finally picked up – I figure that will be easier to print my quilting designs on instead of tissue paper.  That was starting to drive me nuts – My printer has days where it says NOPE not gonna print on this .. no way LOL  ARGH

20150330_042543Here’s what my wall looks like right now.  I had them all over the place but lost track of where I was hahaha So, I put them all back together in sets.  It did look amazing with all those blocks up there in higgly piggly order – it gave me a really good idea of how it’s going to look when finished   I’ll have to do some resquaring to have these blocks all measure the same size  they are within 1/16th of inch of each other, but that 1/16th is a lot bigger than I originally thought.  The arcs all have to line up and so do the backgrounds or its going to make my OCD go sideways even with me putting the blocks everywhere  – I do not want to have issues with this quilt being too wonky while I’m trying to piece the top together.  And I’m thinking of borders now too – I will use partial blocks in the borders and maybe smaller versions of the less complicated blocks, but that’s still ahead – finish the sets and square up the blocks – I’m getting soooo excited and am learning so much with this  I’m definitely loving the challenge!

2 thoughts on “3 More Beauties

  1. Looking good, Grace! I do have a question. I saw the beautiful quilt label you made and I’m hoping you can either go through your process or point me to the place you learned to make such a beautiful label? Thanks!


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