Tippy Top Down

20150319_040719By golly it bloody well worked. I was more than a bit sceptical that this would work – mind you I’m tickled pink that it worked!! That means that my blocks will be just fine!!! OH HAPPYDANCE!!!  I’ve managed to frog and re-sew 3 blocks and only one block needed to have new pieces cut for the arcs so far. I was not about to frog the pieced arcs .. oh hellz no!!!  Just the thought of that is enough to give me the uber heebie jeebies.  

20150319_042751I’ve had more than a few tense moments while sewing the inner arc where the puckers just would not ease out while I was pinning – so a wee bit of tugging and shaping and coaxing, I’ve managed to get them sewn with minimal puckers and I can easily hide that with quilting.  Not sure why I can’t get that final inner arc to lay flat even with a gazillion pins – but with a lot of well wishing and zen breathing it has come out – I’m really happy with this considering how they were turning out

This weekend is going to be another Frenzy and I plan to get a few more blocks done for sure.  Once I get the next set done then I’m halfway there for piecing the blocks

I might remake a few more blocks – with me doing the top down method it appears that my blocs are a smidge larger.  I’m reluctant to trim to much off while squaring these blocks – I don’t want my points landing all wonky on the seams.

So here’s the remade blocks and like I said, I’m really really pleased by the results and am feeling really excited again Open-mouthed smile


2 thoughts on “Tippy Top Down

  1. The blocks look great! I really don’t know why one way works better than the other, though I know that when I was teaching the curves classes (quilting, not women’s exercising!) it was about 50/50 – half of the class got smooth(er) curves with the concave piece on top and half found that the convex on top worked better. I’m sure that’s something a physics person could explain. Or maybe even someone who sits and thinks about it for more than 3 sec… SQUIRREL!

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