New Direction

20150317_053851I decided to change direction a smidge. Instead of sewing sections or doing the hardest parts first – as in smaller to larger, I decided to go from the top down – be more exacting than previously and sew slower than before – if that was / is possible .. Amazingly enough it appeared to work. Even with my oh so careful pressing, it still went a bit wonky – I might just have to keep the paper on to help me – I’ll take the other three blocks apart over the week and see if the top down method doesn’t work a bit better for me … Needles and fingers crossed 🙂

I’m not looking forward to frogging those three blocks, but I’m not going to be happy about this until I do.  And with the effort and work I’m putting into this, it really does need to be the best I can do it and I really do need to be happy with it – I can handle the odd pucker as those can be hide with lots of quilting LOL  or even applique if its really bad LOL


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