Lessons learned and learning

20150315_110201The whole process for making these blocks keeps evolving. First I did the ease in method for the curves with the ends lining up with the paper in – I spent a lot of time frogging seams when the ONE seam did not want to play nice. Then I took the paper off – Still had puckers. And I’ve been sewing enough that this should work! Still having issues.

Then I took the paper off and eased in the seams.  Still had issues.   I spent probably around 4 hours reworking just one seam last night, and it still wasn’t perfect.  I finally got it acceptable.

20150316_020913Then I said fine – take the paper off, and just start at one end and work it that way.  Well that worked ish, but there was bits left over at the end which for the most part didn’t make a difference, but on the last blocks I did last night I made a hell of a difference.  That block needs to be reworked as that’s just not going to work.

20150316_020927It could be as these aren’t printed at 100% due to paper size constraints that’s its throwing the measurements off.  My cutting is accurate and I’m using freezer paper templates for the cuvees and pie pieces.  I am honestly thinking that the pattern is off.  I use a gaziillion pins to keep it in place and remove them as my needle comes up to it.

I don’t expect perfect – while I’m a good sewer I know that I am not perfect, but I do expect it to look right or reasonably close.  And some of these aren’t looking right.  And trimming down isn’t really an option as it will mess up where the points land on the seam.

I could really use some suggestions here or even a confirmation that the its the pattern and not me.  I do love the way it’s looking and it’s going to look awesome on my bed!

You can see in these three blocks where the length issue became a problem – especially the far right one – the seams need to match the point sections as those are paper pieced and control the size / shape of the block



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