Last Week’s Progress

20150314_230103Progress was made during the week amazingly enough. This shift ending at 1am is kicking my butt. I’m sort of on a midnight sleeping schedule but am so brain dead when I get home that I’m rather useless for much else LOL .. Altho I do get stuff done Each of these blocks takes me over an hour to make and that’s only if I don’t make a mistake and have frog stitch it – I named one of them my problem child. Progress is slow but steady and I am having fun – it is going to take a long time to get all the blocks done for this quilt.

20150314_230116I’ve learned a lot doing these blocks – first and foremost I’ve a lot of patience LOL .. People keep saying it, but I just took it for granted because it’s what I do and who I am, but after ripping the same seam out 4 times and not being reduced to a cursing fiend – I think that’s a good thing LOL. These blocks go quicker if I cut the pieces to size, altho it does backfire on me on occasion if I’ve cut the piece to small, or in this case it just doesn’t make sense why it doesn’t fit right LOL

20150314_230126I’ve also had to make a decision regarding the paper. Normally I leave the paper on until the block is completely finished – just before squaring the block, but with sewing curves – especially the smaller ones I’m working on now, I do need to take the paper out so I can manoeuvre the piece to sew it – even then I do end up having to frog bits and pieces of the seam to get the kinks out. Normally on blocks like this i would leave the paper on so there isn’t so much stretch on the bias. And I’ve had that issue a few times where I’ve had to replace sections.   Even thought this last set I’m working on looks easy enough, it’s been the most problematic – could be because the inner circle is the smallest – and I used way to much orange in this block, this one is going to be on my maybe list – I’ll just have to see how it all plays out

20150314_230140I measured and cut the pieces out and it was going well,, when suddenly it came up short . I did the best I could to finagle to make it fit, but ya no . it just wasn’t in the cards to play nice.  I’m rather ticked because that is it for that red, unless I can find another scrap kicking around.  I used that red in Baby Ruby Quilt (who should be here any day!!!)  I do love that red and I think it would’ve been very striking – I can try for smaller bits in other blocks – maybe I’ll get lucky and it’ll work out for me LOL

I’m not getting as much purple in here as I would like – I’m trying to mix it up on each block and do different colours so these blocks can fit together regardless what one they are – Maybe combining more red with the purple instead of doing orange – we’ll just have to see it how it falls out  but I’ll do my best to get this to happen

20150314_230021I finally got a chance to pick up some dowels and have hung my applique in my loft at the top of the stairs. I can look up and see it and I think it does a great deal to brighten up that space. So – back to my skinny spikey blocks


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