Tada .. Messenger Bag done

Well that wasn’t to bad at all!! Minus a few dozen pin stabs, it was a cake walk! LOL I got my messenger bag done! Used the same material that I used for my yoga bag and another home dec fabric I had kicking around. I used a messenger bag pattern from allpeoplequilt.com  that I’ve made before and really did like.  I still have that bag kicking around somewhere but it needs to be repaired.  the strap actually tore – not where I sewed it on, but the material itself.  Granted I was sitting on it and ‘won’ the tug of war .. pfft. 

I was just glad that this pattern was still on the site.  I did make a few modifications to the pattern – I know, I know .. shock bloody surprise!  Grace modified a pattern – I think y’all would be way more surprised if I didn’t modify a pattern.  My lunch sack has a 6” wide bottom and the dimensions of this bag, called for a 3” bottom, so I added a few more inches to both front and back pieces and made the bottom wider to 6”.  I also stitched the strap between the lining and the outside material and reinforced it like I did the last one.  I could prolly hide a body in this thing its so big LOL .. I’ll have plenty of room for my lunch bag and I’ve 3 24oz tumblers that I bring coffee from home in.  And everything closes around there at 9pm and I work till 1am and I’m not going that long without coffee .. oh hellz no .. people would die or at least be hurt horribly.  I could terrify my previous co workers with four little words “I’m out of coffee”  LOL

The pocket on this is more like the way mum taught me to do a pocket!  This is the type of pocket I’ll do on my next yoga bag  I’m happy that I got this done and hope to have lots of use of it.  I found these lunch bag sacks pattern and I think they are cute as hell!  I’ll likely be making a few of these – I would like to get the insulating material though as I refuse to put my lunch in the fridge at any work place as lunches tend to get stolen.

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