7 hours of quilting later

20150301_054543All through yesterday I had thought I had totally lost what little marbles I seem to have left – and trust me, it’s not many most days! Initially quarter circles were speaking to me for the background – I got a smidge of the way through and then they didn’t speak so much – so I let it be overnight and looked at it the next day. Nope – didn’t work so much for me afterall – so out they came!  The whole background of this quilt is negative space to highlight the flower pot and flowers.  I really love the idea of doing little circles, totally love the look they give and seem so whimsical and carefree.  The idea of doing little circles on my 15K almost brings me to my knees in tears.  It just is not going to happen and then the idea of having to rip out all the tissue pieces later makes me want to gnaw my wrists open.  And yes I’d do tissue paper marking for the circles – my eyes would cross otherwise – they’d cross with the tissue paper marking anyways – the circle quilting came out amazingly easy – that should’ve been a clue as to how much I was in for LOL

20150301_185816I did my math and made up my tissue paper to print  – only three sheets were ate by my printer.  Then I pinned the first row.  I used a multi-coloured variegated blue, purple, yellow and green thread – perfect match for this quilt!.  After I got going, I decided that I wasn’t fond of the pattern I picked.  It was hard to get a rhythm going with this as I had to skip over the appliqued parts – the tension issues started  I was like WHAT!??!?!  on this machine???  oh hellz no – not this machine – this is the backbone for my freemotion quilting – After dealing with the thread breaking, tension being buggy for 2/3 of the quilt, I finally found the culprit – well the reason for those issues.  During shipping of this machine to me, the thread holder broke off – with it being steel construction, it wasn’t an easy fix – so I just put the thread behind the machine and quilt away – I usually lay the spool on its side and that works like a charm – this time I stood it up and that was causing all my thread  tension issues.  I swear if I had to rethread that machine / needle one more time, redo my bobbin, or change another needle, I would’ve screamed.  It was bad enough not being able to get into a flow for the quilting – add the tension issues, I did a lot of swearing under my breath.  haha I have Mum’s star on he wall behind me – I could just hear her thinking some things don’t change  My mum had a touch n sew and taught me to sew on that – that machine and I hated each other.  I renamed it Touch N Swear Just like old times hahahaha

20150302_144028I’m very pleased that I didn’t give up – the final look is what I was looking for and suits it very well.  I used a poly bat for this and it did give a nice loft – just a bit of a pin to work with it – not as sticky as cotton and slides a bit more so needed a LOT more pins. There was a lot of itty bitty tissue to remove as this was a smaller pattern – smaller than I’ve done before – took me all night to remove the tissue paper  There’s still bits and pieces of it, but it will come out in the wash.  All I need to do is do the binding (definitely double fold) make a label and attach.  I’ve an idea for hanging it  I’m thinking 3 or 4 hanging tabs that are attached by buttons – I can either do buttonholes in the quilt and the front of the tab and then it can be removed if i want to or just to sew the buttons directly though all layers.  Still deciding / debating.  Anyone have any ideas?  Suggestions for this?  I would love to hear them!

Tomorrow I get to do my paperwork for my new job that I start on Wednesday. I’ve a feeling that my sewing time is going to be shortened .. a LOT – until I get back into the swing of things. I do want to get my messenger bag done today or tomorrow – and I did get the quilting done on my applique – I would like to get the binding on it and then can take my time sewing it down. It’ll be bits and pieces for project time then.  And I keep thinking of the New York Beauty blocks – the pattern doesn’t quite fit on the page at 100% – I could likely push for 90-95% instead of the 85% it’s at now.  If I do that the blocks will be just shy of 7” instead of the 8” they are made for.  I guess it doesn’t really matter as these are for me and I can adjust with borders to get to whatever size I need,


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