Mum’s Entwined Star

I just love the variety of looks you can get with HSTs. I wanted to do this with the bandanas I picked up at Michaels the other day – I had a hard time cutting into them as I was terrified I wouldn’t have enough or would make a cutting mistake. I worked it out in Quilt Pro then sent my numbers off to my quilt list. And my math was confirmed.

20150221_02275020150220_23233940 HST later and a lot of VERY careful sewing it was coming together.  The original measurement of the bandana were 22” x 22”,  The material said 100% cotton but it felt really weird – even to account for sizing – really slick / slippery.  So I washed it .. and it did prove to be cotton LOL .. went down to 20” x 20” – yes panic ensued as my measurements were for a 24” star – ya that wasn’t going to work anymore.  Sooo back to the drawing board – or rather resize and run the rotary chart in my program lol.  Finally it ‘grew’ to 18 1/2

Even after the washing it still felt different and really stretchy.  Pretty thin on the thread count for these – not sure I’ll ever do one again, but for a one time quilt as a wall hanging it wasn’t all that bad.

Apparently my cool design has already been done and published hahahaha .. I prolly saw it and squirrelled it away in the back of my brain.  Debby Maddy created this with her Labyrinth quilt lol.  I guess I’ve a great designer mind Open-mouthed smile  I just have to get batting, backing and decide on a quilting design,, but this is up on the wall as ‘done ish’



2 thoughts on “Mum’s Entwined Star

  1. Hey, Grace! I have enjoyed you in my inbox so frequently this past month. I sure missed you!

    I love your pink and black “mom” quilt. I practice and practice but just can’t seem to get the precision in my corners and points that you do. +sigh+

    Welcome back, friend!


  2. Hi Lindamarie ., yes it has been a long time .. my muse was on hiatus lol …thank you so much .. for HST I do the sew the square first method and make them a bit bigger to start then trim down. Also while sewing you can see it intersect on the back .. it’s so good to hear from you!!!


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