Weekend Sewing

20150214_191711One of my quilt lists planned for a weekend frenzy of sewing; what grand and great plans I had .. life has a nasty way of sticking it’s nose in where it definitely doesn’t belong.  But that’s okay – I got some stuff done – and I had a really good time chatting with my fellow quilt addicts.  And I even won a block of my choice.  it was the perfect weekend to stay in and sew as the temperatures plummeted to sub zero in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.  My one dog found his own unique way to deal with the freezing temps – I swear he’s part cat!!  There was even frost on the windows up stairs which is where my sewing room, yoga loft, and bedroom are – it was quite toasty in my sewing room – especially once my iron got turned on

As I stated earlier I won a quilt block of my choice and colours – Linda from my quilt list has agreed to make me a 15” mariner’s compass – well she said she’d try – paper piecing isn’t her thing and I can well understand how something isn’t your thing – myself and applique have not been speaking the same language for several years.  I sent her off the pattern I have and I hope she practices her zen breathing – maybe she’ll discover she really likes it and it’ll be her new passion in quilting .  If she can’t, then I’ll find another center piece block – I want to do a medallion quilt and the idea of using a block by someone else is just tickling me

20150214_20562120150214_210615My plans where to get my applique set up ready to go (check), get my candle mat swap done (check ish), a yoga bag mat, pin cushions and maybe start on my New York Beauty block.  I had from Friday to Monday for the frenzy to get this accomplished – it was reasonable – it really was.  One a good note, the FQ bundle of 10 reds and yard of black and white print arrived .. happydance

It started out awesome with getting my applique set up ready to go .. the freezer paper and spray starch method was a definite plus for me!  I finally decided that I would do a mixture of hand applique and machine / fusible applique.  Just need to grab some floss and I’m all set to go

Then the block for my swap partner  I changed my mind on the fabrics three times – she likes fall fabrics – most of my fall fabrics were picked up here and there – they didn’t quite match up – I’d get four colours that I loved, then the last forgot it did not work at all – my sewing room look like a fabric factory exploded by the time I decided on what colours LOL .. It was all piecing well, points matching up .. then one freeken corner just would not play nice  It took me three attempts for frogging and another piece cut before all was well – that was a good chunk of Saturday gone  Oh did i mention my back was opting to go south for a bit  Took a bit of a chemical cocktail before it would play nice and let me even able to work  I got the label all made up and it was ready to go .. then another speed bump – my iron scorched the label   Ever the optimist I was hoping that it would come out in the wash . nope not a chance LOL  ah well .. just have to do the label still – I wont post pics of this until my partner gets her candle mat.

20150217_00380120150217_230645The next day I spent looking for a couple of cute pincushions and a I need a pin cushion / caddy for when I do hand work while watching tv. Oh and while unpacking I found the machine mat that I started oh so long ago – I looked at the back of the mat and lordy I think my tension had the flu or something .. goobles and gobs of loopy tension – Took that apart and then started to hunt for a sewing machine mat – found this one here and did it up .. turned up pretty well, but I would’ve rather done one piece and folded it up – her explanation when another person asked her why not doesn’t track for me as it would have to be sewn double anyways  – which I didn’t do .. just put on the binding.  it’s still a double thickness of fabric.  Didn’t get the pincushions done, but I do have some plotted out and I do want to make the caddy as well.  I could spend some time hand sewing as my back is still not happy – least I can get something done while sitting on my but – long as I’m not looped And yes, that’s a wee bit wavy, but I don’t care – it’s done and a place to squirrel my extra feet, measure tools, marking pencil (which I found AFTER I finished the cross hatch quilting on the mat LOL)

I plan on using fabric scraps for the pin cushions and I’ve left over bits of batting that would be perfect for stuffing for it.  No emery, ,but I do have one on my mouse pincushion.  The yoga mat bag – I was disappointed about that one as I dont have all the materials needed – I’ll be checking over the materials list and see if they are really necessary and maybe I can modify the pattern at will .. yes of course – I did say that outloud – and no one is surprised I’m sure lol

Once I get the gumption I’ll be digging through my stash again for fabrics for the New York Beauty.  I am not sure what colours I want to do it for it.  Bright and bold isn’t speaking to me, neither is pale / pastel – neutral colours??  I know I do not have enough of a neutral background for anything like that at all.  Maybe mid tones would speak to me more so .. I’ll have to think about it some more.

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