Braving the Next Step

For better or for worse, I’m on the path to losing my mind. Again LOL .. it’s not happened yet – not even reared it’s ugly head, but like a storm on the horizon, it is coming LOL. I know that sounds ominous – but there is a reason that applique is not my favourite thing or my forte – it generally drives me crazy and I’m not very good at it all.


20150213_031547Here’s my background all ready to go – it measures 15 1/2 x 20 1/2 the instructions call for the background to be 14 1/2 x 20 1/2 Pretty close to where it needs to be be – I’m thinking I need to add my borders first as the pot extends into the first border on the pattern – which is fine by me as I was planning to extend into the border as it was.

I’ve my templates all cut out and set to go – I found a pretty decent tutorial on Sew Mama site by Joanna Figueroa – it’s clear with easy to follow directions and pictures.  Altho I didn’t draw the template shapes, but ran the freezer paper through my printer.  My poor printer, it gets so abused by me LOL  Her tutorial gives me confidence that I can actually do this!  I could probably place the pot and start doing needle turn then carefully add the border when I need to .. I would rather work on the background piece by itself as from what I’ve read that your back piece will shrink due to the stitching so it will need to be resquared and I do like my border trick for doing this.  I want to do a blended border like the background but in reverse with a thin black or darker fabric border in between to set it off.  that’s the plan at least – before I start any of that, I do need to get my fabric scraps on the templates and get them ready – I’m excited about this – this could actually work and look pretty decent Open-mouthed smile  I’ll hang it in my loft at the top of the stairs when it’s finished with tab hangers.

Tmrw I plan to cut out the pieces for my swap partner’s candle mat and get that pieced along with the fabric on the templates.


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