Path to insanity

Well at least for me. I’ve a bee buzzing in my bonnet to do … **shudder** appliqué I’ve no idea where this came from, but between looking for appliqué patterns and New York Beauty pattern, I just have to do it LOL After a LOT of searching, I finally decided that nothing was speaking to me, a change in tactics was needed – I was beginning to feel like a hamster on a wheel. I needed a clean simple ish design that wasn’t to cutesy but had some elegance to it and well within my experience level .  I liked the idea of a one flower so headed from there

20150212_081455I do need to work on something that challenges me or I lose interest in it – then it goes right do UFO does not even make it to WIP. Soooo to keep my interest up, I decided to do a colourwash background with the appliqué instead of the cream coloured that the pattern calls for. Oh I found this cute pattern called Charmed by Heather Mulder Peterson (I just had the theme music for the X-Files go trough my mind LOL) . This is going to be fairly small piece – but stunning I hope. Here’s what I’ve decided to use for the background – I wanted it to be lighter colours, but this is a scrappy quilt – so using what’s in my stash is Rule One LOL   So for my ‘darker’ colours I picked the lightest blues and purples I have that work together – and pink and yellow for my lights.  I started cutting before I realized I wanted the background lighter .. It’s not a true colourwash background in my eyes to me its to dark in spots – but I’m going to have fun with it.

20150212_081349Here’s my colour choices for the actual appliqué part of it.  For this part – I’m falling the pattern  I did have another template actually cut out earlier and I was already not going to like it . the stalks on the flowers were a wee bit to thin for my experience level.  I wanted something challenging but something that didn’t look to simple.

Now I just have to decide what type of appliqué I’m going to use.  I can definitely say, I won’t use stitch and turn  more than iikely a mixture of fusible and needle turn .. I’ll use fusible on the plant stalks (Which amazingly there is no template for) but the rest I will do needle turn – just cause I can LOL .. Need to read up on how to use freezer paper for this method – Any links or pointers will be definitely appreciated LOL

This weekend is going to be a Sewing Frenzy for one of my quilt groups LOL .. So far I’ve lined up – candlemat for the Friendship Candle Mat swap, I want to make a yoga mat bag (I’ve a few patterns I’m going to look over), Maybe a pincushion or two; a few New York Beauty blocks or even some Storm at Sea blocks – So there is stuff for me to do .. worst case scenario – there’s all those quilts I need to hand sew the binding down and then they are finally done .. maybe I should do that LOL


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