The Nameless …Things learned

20150210_121105For my first bargello, I think I did a pretty decent job of it. I do like the three dimensional look I’ve gotten in this quilt. My initial thought of the faeries or pixies is gone LOL To bad because I was warming up to the idea and already planning my quilting. LOL I do like my colour choices and think I did a decent job with values. I definitely learned a LOT while doing this quilt.  I’m happy that I chose to do a more complicated bargello but not to complicated haha

20150210_071018I struggled with the borders – I normally like to do a bit of the quilt / different accent type in the borders but decided against it here as the bargello was busy enough and didn’t need anything to distract from it.  I also felt that it would be have been way over the top and just unnecessary fru fru.  I did do some research and noticed that most bargellos have a simple border of one or two colours.  I opted to use the two extreme values for the border with a bit of a frame – I just had to something different LOL  I always do Smile

I learned a lot doing this quilt.

  1. trust my instinct with colours and values  The instructions said to do dark to light values – Looking on this now, I can’t help but think that I might’ve done better doing colours from light to dark and then values within the colour families.  I’m thinking that the blues and yellows wouldn’t look like such a hard separation if I had done that.  I am glad that I kept the dark red and the blue print – I think it adds character and a dramatic flair.
  2. 20150210_121348stitch alternate directions when doing the strips. I’m not sure if you can see but this quilt is wonkier than hell.  Waves and waves all over the place – it IS square after using the border trick to get it so – it started out an inch out of whack and is now dead on Smile  I will work and tweak out the waves with quilting .. lots of quilting LOL  I wanted to do mitred corners, but wasn’t sure how to work the border squaring trick with mitred corners.
  3. square my blocks as I go, it will save myself a lot of anguish and work
  4. The one thing that I am really glad I did do is make my own spray starch – things went way better after I did that. I ended up diluting the solution more than the website stated – I don’t need it that ‘thick’ Just a bit to keep my fabrics more sturdy and ‘stiff’ to make them easier to work with and more manageable.

Now to figure out my quilting motifs – I’ll be working with this in photoshop playing with stencils for quite a while on this LOL

This weekend will be a Sewing Frenzy and I’m plotting the projects I want to do – candle mat for a swap, yoga mat bag, more pin cushions, maybe start playing with a colour storm at sea I’ve plotted out – lots of things on tap to do .. What to do first LOL

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