Pixies .. forest??

Who knew that it would take over 10 hours to stitch up 144 strips of fabric??? LOL Before I started though I made another change to the location of a few fabrics. I’m sure that doesn’t shock anyone as I’ve not been able to settle on a final layout for colours. The instructions said to do values from dark to light – but now looking at what I’ve got I’m thinking I should have done colour family then values inside of families. Not that I’m saying I’m not happy – I think it’s looking great!! It’s just an aside observation is all.  I kept agonizing over the placement of the red and also of the blue print – I finally accepted that they would just be ‘wild cards’ and let the pieces fall where they may.

20150207_212419I got this far on Friday – I couldn’t believe that I had been sewing for almost 6 hours.  Now granted I moved the tv around upstairs and had to move a few boxes around to do it .. upstairs so I could actually ‘watch’ it while sewing,, and I had the kid dig into the basement to get me a floor lamp because it just seemed so dark at the cutting mat and the ironing board.  It’s amazing what a floor lamp with a fluorescent bulb in can do for a cave – It’s so much easier to see what I’m doing and I’m not quadruple check each bloody cut line that I’m about to do.  I love my fiskar’ ruler but on the mat and as old as it is, it’s not easily seen under ‘light’ so more artificial light is needed


20150208_010554 I was really hoping that I would’ve gotten further. Reward came on Saturday with having all the strips done up and then joined into units Smile  I was getting really excited – almost like unburying a treasure with each piece that I stitched together.  Now comes the part of absolute and total commitment – the cutting.  I must have reread the instructions 10 times – I printed out the two charts but am ignoring the one with colour on it as I’m not following the colours chosen for the pattern.

20150208_02191020150208_042918Then I began cutting, putting strips up on the ‘design wall’  (I really need to head to the Dollar Store and grab 2 white fleece blankets for this – the red is ‘distracting’) I know know if it’s cause I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time, but I keep seeing feary and pixie dust in the lighter sections in the dark – I also see a forest – maybe on a mountain range .. The unveiling is really exciting to me – I’ve not named it yet, but if I keep seeing pixie dust I may applique faeries to this and go with a fantasy theme .. the idea is still percolating.  The one thing I’m really wishing I had is spray starch – I can see where I’m going to have to do some serious blocking on this with just a few strips sewn up.  Or I could starch it the old fashioned way  . Homemade spray starch  I honestly did NOT know that the commercial version has formaldehyde in it  Wonderful


Here’s the bits and pieces that I’m not using from the strips.  These pieces as well as the strips that I got carried away during cutting – or any left over will be used in the border .. somehow – not sure yet – but the idea will come to me.  So far I’m thinking of a narrow darker strip to separate it out and then maybe baby bargellos through the border – of course a wider border.  Back up I go to get more done and see what shows – I just can’t picture this one in my mind even with the strips 1/3 put together.  Something always jumps up to me and even if it doesn’t sound right – it always works out and amazingly looks awesome LOL

What does everyone else see???

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