Bargello begins

20150205_23320120150205_233217Well I’m committed now.  After staring at laid out fabric, I finally cut it into strips tonight and created my colour map.  I juggled a few more colours around and pulled some out and put more in. I can even see now where I need to juggle a few more fabrics around on the lighter section.  I’ve been doing this for two days already – you’d think I would have it set by now.

This pattern calls for 12 light and 8 darker complimentary colours.  Well I opted to do the reverse.  I rarely ever follow a pattern.  I keep trying to convince myself it’s a gift LOL.

62be7556ac258b6bdb16e0fd227cca96This pattern calls for 1 1/2” strips in 42” lengths.  Roughly half of my fabrics were FQs so I spent the night pressing and cutting into FQs where I need to, so I would start at a level playing field and not have to do mathematic gymnastics while learning a new technique..  I know I created more work for myself by cutting it into FQs, but I feel better doing it.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around this a bit  I know I just need to make more strips / tubes .  The way I’m seeing this right now is by the length of the strips, and I know that’ not the case intellectually.  I sew my strips together THEN cut along the width to create my pattern strips.  I KNOW I’ll have enough – my mind isn’t quite accepting it as yet.  Have I said I’ve never done a bargello before??  I’ve done water colour quilts, and had picked up a book on creating strip pieced water colour quilts but have not done those as of yet.  Regular water colour quilts and strip pieced ones are not the same.  Regular water colour uses  2” square of fabric at a time – rather like painting it on piece by piece, where strip piecing is like a whole white wash so to speak LOL

Least I’ve picked a small ish quilt to start with and the Kindle version of Twist-and-Turn Bargello Quilts has been incredibly helpful … I’ve been reading and re-reading until I wrap my brain round the steps needed.  I was so worried about using FQs instead of full yardage and was terrified to cut.  That would be 20 fabrics shot so to speak and I don’t use to many 1 1/2” strips for much of anything outside borders and I definitely do NOT need that many spare bits kicking around.  This is not the first time that I wished that my Quilt Pro had a layout setting for bargello.  I almost feel like I’m diving into this blind.

I was going to start stitching my strips tonight – not happening, I’m tired and do not want to spend half the night frog stitching because I was tired.  Time to do some yoga for my poor back – I hope this doesn’t buzz around my brain all night again like it did last night.  LOL

2 thoughts on “Bargello begins

  1. Go for it….Bargellos are difficult to predict. The red strip in your layout will be the strong standout…..I almost think it needs the medium purple pink next to it, maybe? oops, there I go interferring. I am sure it will be great.


  2. I appreciate ‘interferring’ lol its how we learn .. I was thinking the same thing .l I’ll move it and see .. or take the chance .. I do want to stay with the value from light to dark .. the stand outs can make a quilt .. honestly I do appreciate your thoughts .. thank you


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