I am truly amazed ..

At how much fabric 3 little boxes can hold!  In a last ditch effort to not have to pull all the boxes of books out the closet again, I went to the basement to dig through some boxes there – well I found 3 boxes – included in which was my fabric dyes and paints *happydance* Definitely happy to find those!  No books though – I really wanted to work on a convergence quilt – even went so far as to see if there was a Kindle version on amazon for it .. nope – hardcopy only – that’s okay .. I’ll find those books .. eventually!!

62be7556ac258b6bdb16e0fd227cca96I got brave enough to attempt / start a bargello – not a big one as I’m more inclined to smaller quilts – there’s a ‘few’ bed quilts kicking around here as it is – couch quilts works for me – wall hangings too.  Course the patterns are for bed sized ones .. I settled on Glacier Bay by Eileen Wright out of her More Twist-and-Turn Bargello Quilts – yup they had a kindle version, so didn’t mind purchasing it as this wasn’t a book I am missing – least I don’t think so .. I was sort of gnashing my teeth a bit as I had planned to use FQs for my first bargello quilt, instructions did NOT include that information and my weird math skills totally deserted me – I just love the internet!! I found this post – Bargello and Ice that gives me the information I needed.  Once settled with that, I yet again, pulled out my fabric .. Second time tonight my sewing room exploded LOL

20150204_01350820150204_013450I didn’t realize how long I was upstairs working on this.  I decided on my colours – then the fun began – playing with values.  My ruby beholder is still MIA – but my cell phone does take black and white pictures.  I did pretty good – just minor tweaks here and there – I’m still not to sure on it and decided to walk away from it and look at it with fresh eyes in the morning – I’m thinking that the lighter blue needs to go, I want it for the piece it’s next to – but it’s just not going to work – so out it comes …  I need 20 pieces of fabric for this quilt – there are some prints that I love and can’t wait to use, but they really aren’t suitable – good thing I had all that water colour fabric kicking around, plus my hand dyes.

Michele Foster at Quilting Gallery is doing a candle mat swap.  Been ages since I’ve done a swap and I’m so looking forward to doing this one! You get a swap partner so you’re only making one for your partner – no heavy production of tons of blocks – I really like the way that Michele does this – with partners communicating direction with each other – this is going to be a blast!


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