Baby Shower Day

20150201_095406[1]20150201_095534[1]Today was the big day for my gf baby shower.  I was rather grumbling a bit that it was at 10:30am on a Sunday, but with today’s blizzard (which is still going on 12 hours later) I’m glad it was early Smile  It was a truly wonderful shower – no games thank God!!  Just breakfast buffet, a cafe bar (OMG it was awesome) and wonderful times with great friends.  Even with the snow coming in like it was, there was an awesome turnout!  I was so busy helping with the gifts I didn’t notice she had reached mine LOL.  Honestly, I teared up when she was looking at it and reading the label – I could hear the emotion in her voice – it’s so nice to know that she loves the quilt.

20150201_155934[1]After the shower my plan was to work on a mystery but I was just to tired – I ended up napping for about 4 hours.  Last night I did pull out most of my fabric to sort of take stock on what I have.  Of course I do not think that I have enough – what woman thinks that .. every LOL.  I do know I need more whites, creams etc  But I do have several pieces that are large enough for backgrounds of quilts and a few I would call ugly that are perfect for backings for wall hangings LOL.  This isn’t al of it – but enough for me to get an idea of what I’ve got and need more of.  I’ve some good selections for watercolour quilts – just have to cut it up – what I would really love to find is my ruby beholder – that would make it so much easier to find the proper values of my fabrics.  I did find that using my cell phone camera works fairly well to do the same  that’s how i found out that the light red I picked for Ruby’s quilts wasn’t a good selection as it was more a dark pink.  Glad I saw that BEFORE I cut the fabric pieces.

I’ve a few plots buzzing in my brain for my next project  Maybe bargello, convergence – definitely a mystery or mystery BOM.  But first, sorting my fabric

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