And .. it’s done!

20150129_164338[1]I was seriously doubting I would reach this point after last night. LOL I got all the binding down after getting my new foot. Dad called me that night and he said he was going stateside, so I called the area Joann stores, and made sure it was on hold for me. By 3pm yesterday I had my new Singer walking foot. And by God it bloody well worked!!! 30 mins later, I had the binding on and it was time to hand stitch down the binding – course I had to look up if I used single or double thread – *Shake my head*  It’s currently in the dryer and I want to wait until daylight to get some better pictures and will post them tmrw before I go to yoga.  Oh and it’s still unnamed other than me calling it Ruby’s quilt.

20150130_231234[1]I got finished the hand binding by around 3am or so – maybe later and I decided to push through to put the label on – bad mistake – It shifted while I was sewing it on (silly me didn’t pin it down) so I had to frog stitch it  and it became today’s task.

Nice leisurely day, watching to tv and taking my time putting on the label.  And in the wash it went.  I knew I could get it done with time to spare and I do – I was going to sift through my stash to see what I have.  I’m looking for my next project – since my fabric dyes, paints and all my fun quilty tools and books are still MIA, I am thinking of a Superbowl Sunday mystery that will use what’s in my stash.  I asked on my quilt lists and its been suggested – Quiltsville Winter Mystery, Homespun Hearth, Quiltbug Neighbourhood Garden looks interesting.  Here’s a blurb from the PDF file –

First, you will choose a base color (white, black or gray) – this can be a solid, mottled, or tonal print. Next, choose a good contrasting color for this (ie: lime green, pink, dark red). Again, these can be solid, mottled or a tonal print. Finally, you will choose 6-12 Prints with lots of colors – large florals, fun colors will work with these.

This is going to make a larger quilt that I would like, but I can always fidge it a bit – not like I’ve never done that before LOL I’m just not sure I’ve enough for the base and not really sure I am wanting to deal with fussy cuts – that’s usually a star or signature block pattern – so I’m still looking.  I’ve done mysteries from

Merry Mayhem Case 128 Big Fan, Anilee Art Illusion, QT Summer Mystery Butterflies and Hopscotch and Square Deal.  I loved doing these and I want to do another one along this style – something a wee bit different.  I do love the way that 1/4 square triangles can be used to make some of the most dynamic and gorgeous quilts – my design for Kyle’s Spinners is based on 1/4 square triangles.  I found this on pinterst earlier and just LOVE – Campsie.  So I’ve a few options – but definitely need to delve into my stash and see what I’ve got.

2 thoughts on “And .. it’s done!

  1. I think I have a crush on Wayne Kollnger. His designs really stoke my imagination! If you decide to do Campsie, let me know. We could “along”. Because, of course, I have nothing else on my plate…


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