I Hate Moving

I know that hate is a really strong word, but after this last move – it really is appropriate – there just isn’t a strong enough word in English, and even that falls short

This isn’t the first time where my move last May has caused me endless issues finding things. As you can see, I’m still ‘struggling’

It’s my fault of course. pfft House wasn’t fully packed and that created no end of issues. But the worst of it was, I decided that I and my gf would stay back at the old house with the dogs and finish cleaning and doing the last minute awkward packing that always happens regardless of how prepared you are. I figured that I would see them in about 4 maybe 5 hours .. ya right .. try more like almost 8 hours later. Between half the guys buggering off and some of the other’s half doing things – the house was a freeken disaster!!!  For some reason they decided to offload 75% of the truck before the furniture came off the truck, so couches were tossed on top of boxes – my shower curtain is STILL MIA

straight ahead is supposed to be the kitchen

straight ahead is supposed to be the kitchen

Living room - yes that's a couch upside down on the left

Living room – yes that’s a couch upside down on the right on top of another one blocked in by my box spring

I didn’t end up seeing my new house with my stuff in it until almost 9am (they left the old house around 11 pm ish). I took two steps in the house and stopped dead .. I was totally speechless. I WAS warmed . but words could no describe what I was seeing. There are no words EVER. I didn’t know whether to cry or totally lose my noodle and start to sniff glue. Boxes were EVERYWHERE. I found some of my clothes in Kyle’s room – some of my kichen stuff upstairs in my bedroom – my yoga loft was wall to wall boxes.


Four days later ….

The basement is really a pain for taller person – I have to crouch a bit, but the buggers could have formed a chain to move the boxes in. It took 4 days to get it to this point and this was mostly the kid doing as I had to work the next day.

I swear I will gnaw my wrists open if I EVER do that sort of move again. It just so isn’t going to happen. So that’s a pretty good reason why some of my stuff is still MIA. Am I happy about it ..not on your life – but deep breathing exercises and LOTS of yoga tends to help LOL

20150127_165604This was Kyle and I tearing through boxes of books etc that were stuffed upstairs – no we did not find my missing box of quilt notions nor any of my quilting books or magazines.  Granted he informed just a few hours ago that there were two boxes in the very back he couldn’t reach .. I wish he had told me before I tore half the closet apart afterwards again.


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