Universal you say???

According to dictionary.com, the definition for universal is:

1. of, relating to, or characteristic of all or the whole: universal experience.
2. applicable everywhere or in all cases; general: a universal cure.
3. affecting, concerning, or involving all: universal military service.
4. used or understood by all: a universal language.

The universal low shank quilting foot needs to have this redefined. Needless to say – it went on, did one side of the binding then went – nope – Im not gonna work another stitch – and it didn’t .. It is just a smidge to short – the plan was to put the binding on, then spend the rest of the day hand sewing it down and then adding the label then into the wash it goes .. maybe tomorrow afternoon some time . . hella sigh

20150128_184928 20150128_184917 20150128_184907

So instead I have to return this foot, hope to God that they don’t say store credit ONLY .. ah well .. it’ll go towards a new 6*24 ruler that got stepped on in my move. Dad is heading stateside tomorrow – My passport needs to be redone or else I’d have gone stateside in the first bloody place. I’ve a Singer low shank walking foot on hold at Joanns and dad has a picture and a map and instructions for it LOL .. so I’ll have the walking foot maybe by 6 pm

I’m still feeling warm and fuzzy about Ruby’s quilt, just a bit frustrated by it all – quilting did turn out nice for the most part and Im glad that it does look so good

20150128_214928 20150128_214919

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