Wow .. just wow

And I don’t mean White on White .. I mean seriously WOW .. Im rather stunned by how much I forgot – yes that’s to be expected – but not on your own technique!! I had Ruby’s quilt all set up to be quilted last night. But something did not look right to me today. Just couldn’t put my finger on it .. good thing I actually did a tutorial on how to place the tissue paper prior to quilting, I had to read my own tutorial. I had it all glued down sigh So take that all apart and then pin the snot out of it and quilt it row by row. Amazingly enough the one thing that I thought would give me problems did not .. Can I say again how much I love my Singer 15K?? The best damn machine EVER. I think I love this more than my FW. Yes I do believe I just said that outloud. Stranger things have happened LOL

20150126_212827I was definitely rusty on my speed and movement – the one thing about continuous line quilting is that it sort of works itself out LOL. By the end of the first row I had gotten a good speed and movement going. To bad my math on the sizes of the motifs was off – definitely one of those days where things did not seem to be working out for me at all. So once I got it all quilted I improvised. Yes that is nothing new for me. Luckily for me the motif itself had meandering in it, so voila! Meandering at the borders where the quilting didn’t quite meet the edge.

My walking foot is MIA – Not a good thing at all ..Its in a box .. somewhere .. sigh Looks like I need to dig through the gazillion boxes I have up here. It would be nice to find my quilting books. I’m seriously missing my Quilter’s Complete Guide, and I would like to start playing with convergence quilts and bargellos – as well as my dying. But I rather need the walking foot to put the binding on – I’m not even gonna attempt to put the binding on using free motion foot – not on your life – I wouldn’t even have attempted that when I had been quilting a lot.

20150127_00440820150127_005429I am somewhat pleased with the way it all turned out – Im sure tomorrow or the next few days I’ll feel better about it .. I’m still feeling a bit frustrated by my own stupidity and my missing tools. Even with all the challenges I’ve faced so far with doing this – There are no puckers on the back, the quilt is square – and it really does look cute. I used a variegated thread for this that pulled all the colours in the quilt together.  The backing is a bit of tongue in cheek.  My gf and I went shopping and I saw this fabric and the plan was to either make a cover for her body pillow or a tote bag – well since I didn’t unpack my sewing room until last week those options aren’t feasible – so backing for Ruby’s quilt. LOL

Tomorrow the hunt for my walking foot begins so I can do the binding – although getting the tissue paper off will take the better part of the day.

Time for yoga and a hot bath – maybe it will shake this headache I’ve managed to give myself 🙂


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