Fast Paced Few Weeks


Baptism - Oct 29, 1995

It’s been a week since my last blog post .. esh that almost sounds like the beginning of Confession!! Maybe I have Church in the forefront of my mind today (and for the past week), because Kyle had his Sacrament of Confirmation today 😀 It’s hard to believe that 13 years (almost 14 – June 29th is his bday), have gone by. But they have. I’ve gotten older (not necessarily matured) and have some gray hairs to prove as well as the extra weight :). This pic is of Kyle’s Baptism on the day he turned 4 months old. Probably my most favourite pic of him ever! Granted there are a few other’s that come close – a pic of him in a sleeper, his Communion pic where he wore his first suit carrying the host up at the beginning of service, and and and LOL … I won’t bore you with them … but I am doing a lot of looking back today and remembering some of his milestones (perfectly natural of course). I realized just after he turned 12, that he was taller than me (and I was wearing ball spikes which add 1 – 2″ to your height), and he shot up several inches in 2 moth period after that too!

HPIM2873.jpgHe went shopping with my dad to get his suit as I had to work and he picked this out by himself! That kids got a great sense of what colours work for him and what doesn’t. I had to snap a pic of him while his face was still clean and clothing unwrinkled 🙂 He is a boy still afterall no matter how grown up he looks! And boy he cleans up pretty nice me thinks … granted I am biased – but I’m supposed to be.

HPIM2875.jpgMy Aunt Alexis agreed to be his sponsor for his Confirmation and her and Uncle Rick agreed to brave the border. My two cousins had to work, but that’s okay .. this was during the week for most people … (not me as this is my Saturday) and it is hard to get this time off – especially our repressed economy with the jobs being the way they are. As for his Confirmation itself, Bishop LaRoque led the service and performed the Sacrament for Kyle and the other Candidates. Normally it would be Bishop Fabro (I know I spelt that wrong), but he was unable to attend. The church was full with all the candidates and their guests attending. Granted the service was more contemporary, but with this being a youth-orientated event, it would be. It was still a wonderful service and a great joy to see Kyle Confirmed. Of course I took a million pictures, but am only putting a few here for you …


Reg, Kyle, Myself


Kyle, Bishop LaRoque


Aunt Alexis, Kyle, Uncle Rick

Kyle’s Confirmation

You can see the rest of the pictures on my Picassa Web Album

It’s been getting easier at work .. I’ve had to make a few changes to the routine that I started with. We use a lot of tools to diagnose issues with customer’s services. By the time I log into my desktop, then our tool desktop, and then all the tools that we use, a good 15 min has passed and I wasn’t answering calls at the start of my shift, but rather 10 mins in or so. I’ve found that I start the day feeling rushed as I’m logging into every tool and WAITING for it to load, so instead of leaving 30 mins before my shift starts, I’m getting to work 30 mins before my shift starts. That way I’m not so rushed and can start my day in a better state of mind.

Come the nite, my brain is fried and total mush.  Amazing how tiring it is concentrating and figure out and fix the weirdness (The Joys of Tech Support ;)) .. my latest battle cry (even at work) is, “Oh look!!! A shiny thing!”


Unread List Mail

After I get home from work, anything that requires some minimal amount of concentration from me gets avoided or put off until I can concentrate on it – I’m not sure I could tie my shoes at that point!  Sure there’s the AM, but I basically leave myself enough time to have coffee, eat, pack my lunch and get ready for work .. so that means my email is starting to pile up a wee bit .. I’m seriously thinking mass delete – but we’ll see ..

Work IS getting easier as I’ve learned to quickly fix issues and what needs to be done to fix them .. I just have to get my call time down a bit. I’m sure I’ll strike a balance soon .. I’ve not worked on my kitty quilt binding for the past few days .. nor is my back garden in yet (then again, I’ve not bought the plants either!!) maybe tomorrow (today?). I’m having to stay up wayyyyy past my new pumpkin time as Kyle needs to be up around 4:45am (25 mins from now – oh and Kyle’s up now (@@)).  Now I just have to call my dad. Kyle is going to be performing in a yearly concert at Canada’s Wonderland .. then they let them loose on the park LOL .. but he needs to be at the school (of course not his) by 5:15 as the bus leaves at 5:30am, we leave here around 5am :S .. so – Ky and my dad need to be up around 4:45 – and guess who’s doing the waking!! pfft .. i’m bloody tired, it’s been a long day – I just don’t hope I sleep to late after getting back from getting him on the bus.

So that’s about it – mostly all about Kyle LOL – but that’s as it should be today with all the milestones he’s coming up to … Confirmation, Grade 8 trip, 50 million other trips (we wonder if he even has any classes he has to attend now!), Grade 8 graduation, his bday and that’s all between now and the end of June! So it’ll be a wee bit chaotic and hectic here for a bit .. but hey .. that’s okay .. at least he’s enjoying every day with total abandon 🙂

6 thoughts on “Fast Paced Few Weeks

  1. Grace, he does clean up well. He looks like a very sweet, handsome
    young man. You’ve done a great job with him!

    Sherry in NC


  2. Gracie, I am tired just reading about your and Kyle’s schedule! Kids need to feel treasured and valued and you are doing a great job of seeing that happens for him! He is becoming quite the young man and the girls are going to start piling up soon! Oh, my, do I remember those days! Try to find to find some “you” time girlie girl! And remember to give yourself a pat on the back for being MOM! Luv ya!


  3. Woot! Congrats to Kyle – what a wonderful event! (I was a sponsor just this last Sunday, BTW).

    Please give him a hug from this strange American and tell him Welcome to the Family!


  4. Congratulations to Kyle — they do grow up fast!

    I’ve just accepted that I’m going to be behind reading my blogs and longarm list and don’t worry about it anymore.


  5. OMG he’s gotten so big (and lookin’ good too 🙂 )! Congrats and keep up the good work… I’m catching up on a week or so of blog posts. Not quite as bad as your list of stuff to read though…


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