Crossed Off Items

Amazingly enough, I managed to get quite a bit of my goals accomplished this weekend! **kittyhappydance for me!! I didn’t get them all done, but that’s okay, the rest can be worked on by the guys over the next 5 days (uh huh we’ll see).. Yesterday I wrote

I start my weekend now (I’ve tues and wed for May for Kyle’s confirmation / rehearsal) and my goals are modest .. weed the front garden, plant my seeds, convince reg or kyle to dig up the back veggie garden and plant there, wash my fan quilt, stitch the binding on the kitty quilt and maybe get some laundry done if Kyle’s not taken over the washer again .. oh and try to avoid getting kidnapped for groceries and whatnot 😀

Out of that list, I did the front garden, planted my flower seeds, washed (and repaired) the fan quilt, took daylight pics of the fan quilt AND the spinner quilt, and have just over 1 side of binding on my kitty quilt to do. And during this time, managed to attend a meeting a Kyle’s school for his grade 8 trip and graduation and confirmation rehearsal – plus buy him dress shoes! So i’ good about the veggie garden not getting done, that can be dug up in the next few days .. I don’t have plants for it yet, so it wasn’t that critical for me to do.

HPIM2863.jpgNow the fan quilt needed a few repairs to it after I pulled it out of the wash .. I was really disappointed to see that some of my fans didn’t get under the twill tape totally .. Next time I do this pattern, I will use a shorter stitch – I’m thinking that that might do the trick there. I was pretty upset about this turning out this way … I had maybe 10 spots that I had to fix that were just like this – maybe more as I found 2 more spots after I thought I had them all done ..

HPIM2871.jpgTo fix this, I took a light blue thread and did some zigzag stitching where it had not been tucked under .. it rather upset me that I didn’t have any of the variegated left that I used for this, but the light blue works pretty good .. I had a light blue and a medium blue that I used depending on the blues where it had not gotten tucked under the tape … It’s not to noticeable, but of course I’ll always see this .. not everyone will as I matched it pretty close – but it’s still a bummer for me

HPIM2865.jpgAs for the label on this quilt, all I’m going to do for now is put down the pertinent information and leave a space for the name, I can write that in later .. and if ends up not being named, so be it ..

“Case128 – The Big Fan Mystery” by Merry Mayhem
NYD – 1.1.09 – finished 5.16.09
Dedicated to Mary Jean Campaigne Lambie

It does look gorgeous tho, ooboo’s not withstanding. Nice and peaceful and serene .. the quilting just sets it off just right and I am proud of the work that I did do on it, I learned a new technique and learned a few other ‘should have dones’, so I’m pleased .. bummed but pleased .. yeah I know .. they shouldn’t go together but they do .. I didn’t expect this to be perfect, but I didn’t want to have to do the cheater fix to it already before I even got to use it ..

HPIM2867.jpgI finally got a daylight pic of Kyle’s Spinners and I’ve actually handed it over to him tonite 😀 He rather liked the idea that it’s done and HIS HIS HIS 😉 .. it was also a ‘sneaky’ way for his sheets to be changed and his room to be picked up too .. course I wouldn’t hang a quilt over his head like that .. i would never do that 😉

So I’ve had some triumphs this weekends and some let-downs too .. but I did learn from them and that is the important thing .. and my kitty quilt will be done in the next day or two as well ..

** starts to put her balls all in the air again ..

6 thoughts on “Crossed Off Items

  1. Well Gracie, I still love that fan quilt! and ooboo’s or not, it is still a work of art 🙂 Those little quirks in our work is what makes them so homey and totally memorable. Question is, Won’t it feel great to wrap yourself up in it after a long soak at the end of a very long day? 🙂 Brava! Oh, and ky did do the cleaning on his room, right? LOL


  2. Great job! Both quilts are wonderful!! I’m so excited for how much you got done this weekend!! Yay, you! 🙂
    Back to work now, huh?…. *sigh* At least the weekend was productive!


  3. Sounds like you have been very busy. Your quilts are beautiful. Thanks to your encouragement I hand stitched the binding on my first quilt. It turned out okay. I was actually very relaxing.


  4. Grace I absolutely love both quilts. There is just something about the fan though that I keep coming back to look at it. It kind of has a celtic took but then also I can picture a turtle in water..hahaha..don’t know if it’s the colors or shapes of the blocks but it’s still gorgeous. Thanks for the view.

    Brenda M


  5. Grace
    A big high five for getting both your quilts finished and only one more binding side for a third.

    As for the problems in the fan quilt…I have a new motto that I picked up from somewhere…
    It’s OK to fail or make a mistake but it isn’t OK to quit!

    It might not be perfect this time but I love that you are taking this experience and figuring out what to do NEXT time better!


  6. The quilts are lovely and you are the only one who will ever notice the little oopsy bits. But i understand how you feel, I have had bits like that in paintings and such that I couldn’t help but stare at, just because I knew they were there. So glad you made so much progress on your garden, too. Hugs!!! Rita


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