Spinners Done!

HPIM2855.jpgKittyhappydancing! I can call this one done! I am just so tickled that this one is done – I’m sure that Ky is going to be tickled too when he can use it tomorrow after it’s been washed ..

This went really quick on the binding .. altho the last 12″ took forever compared to the rest of the binding .. the label was the hard part .. I didn’t want to put it on a plain piece of muslin and didn’t want to go bother with doing freezer paper and printing .. so I just grabbed a scrap of material that was in the quilt itself and did that .. the other option would have been square in square and signed that part .. altho I was considering doing a small friendship star as a label like I did in the borders .. but I did want to get this done tonite!

HPIM2854.jpgNow comes the hard part .. submitting it for publication (!!) EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK I need to reread the submission guidelines, and get a really good daylight pic of it .. as all the ones that I have of this quilt are inside / nite shots ..

Well one down 😀 and boy does this feel GREAT!!!


11 thoughts on “Spinners Done!

  1. Grace…not sure if you noticed that all three of the friendship stars in the outer border toward the front are not going the same way. You might want to correct it before publication…good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all that you share!

    Mary Jo

    Hi Mary Jo

    That was actually on purpose – it was meant to be whimsical and fun to match my son’s personality. I think it adds some quirkiness to it 😀

    Thank you for the good lucks!


  2. Great looking quilt, Grace. I can’t wait to see it in print!!! I’m going to tell everyone that you are a friend of mine. LOL


  3. Absolutely gorgeous and I love the colors. Ditto on the friendship star being turned wrong, but I just love it. Hope to see it when it is printed.


  4. You know I totally heart this quilt. I’ll be looking forward to seeing it in print.

    Oh – and thanks for showing what a finished project looks like. It’s been so long since I’ve seen one around my place, I’d forgotten…!!


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