Whiskers n Bindings

HPIM0523.jpgWhisker kisses. That’s what I woke up to today. I felt a tickling on my nose, cracked open my eyes to see a pair of yellow greeny eyes staring right into mine with a nose less than ¼” away from my own. And these eyes didn’t move either .. so I gave a quick blow at the nose, and it vanished for a second .. just long enough to close my eyes, then I felt the tickling on my nose again .. more whisker kisses .. she’s not done that to me before .. least not so I’d wake up .. so with her being pretty persistent, I gave up and got up. Seemed the smart thing to do, as I couldn’t see her giving up anything soon – thus started my Saturday.

Gorgeous weather today altho a bit breezy, but still a respectable mid 60s – had the house to myself for about an hour, and enjoyed the peace before chaos central hit with reg, kyle and my dad .. I actually got to watch a Tiger’s game today and they WON WON WON!!!!!! It was the first game I’ve seen in about 2 weeks with being on the 4pm – 1am shift. one more week of this shift and then it changes .. altho I have no idea what one I’ll get, I put in for a mid day type shift … but have to wait until Wednesday to find out about that.

HPIM2851.jpgBut I did manage to put my day off to good use – I dug into my binding pile and pulled out kyle’s spinner quilt and started the binding .. I had a devil of a time finding thread to come close to the binding colour!! I had a spool put aside, but with all the red I’ve done lately, I’m guessing I used it .. oops :O .. but all’s good – found a deeper oxblood type red that is just about invisible against it and am using that .. I managed to get ½ of the binding sewn down .. When Kyle saw that I was working on one of his quilts he was pretty pleased about it .. got a big grin on his face and said GREAT! Altho he wants his bed quilt done first .. but I told him that this is the one I want to get published, so he’ll just have to wait on his bed quilt .. he told me that the other one he has is just to heavy for right now .. so I told him, I would do what I could, BUT I wanted to get a quilt done for me between his quilts .. my poor 97 swap quilt is needing repair again, and I just want to put it away before it gets totally destroyed.

Tomorrow (as far as I know – this is Reg we’re talking about), I’ve nothing planned and should actually be able to get the rest of the binding down on this quilt .. wouldn’t that be sooo GREAT .. I still have to do the label, but will do labels for ALL the quilts waiting for me at the same time.

I feel SOOOOO GREAT to have done SOMETHING – ANYTHING quilty .. i was turning a nasty shade of green reading about all that everyone else is getting done 🙂

2 thoughts on “Whiskers n Bindings

  1. I can relate. I finally got to do some sewing last night. Hubby is out of town so as soon as Andrew was down I got to it. It felt great. Got quiet a bit done. Didn’t ant to stop but my back was screaming for a break.

    How about taking a trip to Alabama to teach me how to hand sew binding. LOL.


  2. She misses you and wanted you to know she loves you 🙂 Whisker kisses? I like that! And I think you did more quilty things this weekend than I have so kudos! Just think — you have all of Sunday to play with your bindings!


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