First Calls

As first calls went, they weren’t all that bad .. I was a nervous wreck for the first one – all nervous and shaky and HOT .. it was hot in there .. and me wearing a black monkey suit!! Monday is business dress day and since I’ve put the weight on, my other clothes’ don’t fit so well .. so I’m making due as it were.

The first call was from a man whose internet had gone down .. I did pretty good with it, ran all the tests I needed to and could, but couldn’t resolve his issue as his line was totally down. Solution .. dispatch a tech to his residence 😀 He was all happy that things were going so well and there was a solution in sight even if I couldn’t give him an answer tonite. THEN he asked me about hotspots and how did he use them?? ummm good question! .. LOLOLOL .. i tried to dig up the information but didn’t do so well with them .. I told them were he could find the hotspots and what he should do to make it work .. but until he was there and there was an issue, I couldn’t give him a more definite answer but hopefully gave him enough information to work with.

Another call was from a new customer that was having oh so many issues . I felt so sorry for him! He’s had line techs and premise techs out there all week – his services were going up and down like a yo-yo on steroids! Well I figured out his problem and got him up and running and he was just tickled pink about it .. his internet is the fastest it’s been, tvs are great with picture and sound .. alls good … but he had some funky numbers on his tests, so I scheduled a call back in the next day or two to ensure that his services are going great still .. I prolly spent a good 45 mins on that call .. the nicest man too – they were so frustrated and I KNOW how that feels!

So I did pretty good today .. tomorrow they expect me to take more calls which is okay .. I’ve done my baptism by fire and am not so nerve wracked about it anymore .. still nervous about finding all the information needed in a timely enough manner to give the customers a sense that they are being taken care of, but that will come in time 😀 And it felt good to get these people up and running or at least to get a solution on the boards for them ..

I am TIRED tho .. it’s been a long day and the last thing I want to do is sew tonite .. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the stuff done I need to and print the tissue out for the last quilt! I’m actually at the point where I’m going to be doing exclusively hand sewing for the bindings .. how cool is that! I’ll have some finishes now! WOOOHOOOOO

Oh I wanted to share some project links that I tripped over with you .. one is for a citrus air freshener Salt Packed Citrus Shells and the other is for a DIY Two-Toned Button Window Shade. This window shade has me curious as it’s just 2 pieces of fabric, some buttons, and tension rods .. these could be made up in no time! These will be on my todo list for sure .. especially if reg starts that nite job .. then I can do a black or darker fabric as the one side and still have a cheery colour on the side – AND they look like I could do our room, the cat cave and Kyle’s room in a day .. even the other small window in living room – I’ll have to let you know how it goes when I get a chance to do it – what am I saying .. course I will with pics too!

Hope ya’ll had a great day and I’m looking forward to day 2 on the phones .. after some great sleep

4 thoughts on “First Calls

  1. I just knew you would do well!! By the end of the week you will be doing them in your sleep LOL Good luck with the hours and GET SOME SLEEP!
    Carmen, who is praying for you 🙂


  2. Gracie – heartfelt congrats on making it through your first day in a successful manner, with positive outcomes, no less! As for the window shades – what an ingenious idea!!!! I’ll have to keep my eye out for LARGE yardage since I have 4 windows in the livingroom that would need to match :0)


  3. YAY!! So happy about your first day! I’ll help with your binding pile if you help with my quilting pile! 😉


  4. I liked the Button Shades, too, but then I saw the Roman Shades made with mini-blinds. Since I have the nasty, dirty, dusty, ugly (No, no, Susan, tell us what you really think!) mini-blinds on every window, courtesy of my style-impaired landlord, I am chomping at the bit to convert them to shades. Alas, I must go shopping for room darkening lining first. After I do the Roman Shades, I will make Button Shades for the two doors that have windows (also covered with the N,D,D,U blinds…YECCHHH!).


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