The Devil is in the Details …

Sounds rather ominous doesn’t it? Specially after the frustration that I dealt with yesterday. You know .. I never could understand that statement .. “The Devil is in the Details” To my way of thinking, the details are what makes anything you do succeed, and well they are Good – because the details are what makes the whole .. So if they are Good, what’s the Devil got to do with them .. I just could never wrap my head around it .. well tonite I found myself thinking that on more than one occasion :\ ..

According to ” .. boil[s] down to the fact that it is often the small details of something which make it difficult or challenging.”

Yeah well okay – I get it now .. has two versions .. The Devil is in the details … God is in the details ..

DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS – The “Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs and Sayings” by Gregory Y. Titelman (Random House, New York, 1996) shows this phrase as a variation of “God is in the details – Whatever one does should be done thoroughly; details are important. The saying is generally attributed to Gustave Flaubert (1821-80), who is often quoted as saying, ‘Le bon Dieu est dans le detail’ (God is in the details)… has this meaning “Even the grandest project depends on the success of the smallest components.

‡ This version of the proverb often implies that the details might cause failure. A more positive version is “God is in the details,” …”

Here’s a few examples of my Devil in the Details spots .. there’s more of them than you see here, but if you notice, they are all in small detailed areas – AND where the tissue ends and starts .. usually in the middle of the baptist fan variation .. not good planning on my part .. also lack of experience .. I’ll get better with time ..

HPIM2823.jpg HPIM2824.jpg HPIM2829.jpg

You know, if I had tried my tissue paper method on this quilt first, it would have never been developed beyond that first attempt .. with my posting that this quilt seemed heavy, another member of OST (Birdie) piped up (is that tweeted up??) and said that hers was heavy too and she was fighting her quilt .. she also mentioned that she didn’t cut the excess fabric off the back. Over ¾ of this quilt has 2 layers of fabric which equals added weight .. I would NEVER have thought to have done that at all .. So thank you for that one Birdie!!

I was right, once I got past the halfway point, it was easier to quilt as the majority of the quilt was not rolled up onto my machine bed and interfering with the movement of my hands .. instead the tissue was now on the right and with my added pressure (Third Law of Motion), was shredding the tissue before I could even ‘use’ it!! I tried to just pin half and then put my hand under the tissue to guide my quilt .. that still shredded the tissue .. then I tried, putting the sheets on one-by-one .. well that wasn’t quite working either .. **sigh THEN I thought of my spray baste 😀 It says right on the can that it can be used to hold tissue patterns in place 😀 😀 😀 .. well that worked quite well and it took no time at all to finish the quilting .. this may cause some issues when it comes to shred time .. that’s okay ..I can try Diana’s advice of using a comb to shred the tissue and then vacuum it – or I can let it soak for a bit to let the tissue dissolve .. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it ..


Non-spray Basted Tissue


Spray Basted Tissue

But the good news is – case128 is now quilted! I think I’m going to call this Curse of the Big Fan .. we’ll have to see 😀 Tomorrow (Today??), I’ll quilt the kitty convergence quilt and then do the bindings after that .. well after I shred the tissue that is .. or rather what’s left of it at this point :\

2 thoughts on “The Devil is in the Details …

  1. Greeting and a happy easter to u Grace. Gosh looking at ur entry and works with its concepts, the hidden meaning and its deep thought. And the intricacies of ur patchwork’s details makes me feel envious. Gee, must be the Devil talking there. But I hope God wud someday give me the strength he has given u. Cheers.


  2. That’s looking great, Grace. I’m glad you were able to think of a solution for the shredding issue. I look forward to seeing the quilt with the tissue removed, and the top was just beautiful. I also completed a big project (my Thimbleberries 2008 BOM) and posted about it.


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