The Big Fan – Quilting

Or otherwise known as “Case128″… Yes I’m finally back to this .. This is likely going to be the last larger quilt that I’ll be able to get done before I start my new job .. **sighs / cries 😦 Okay I’m over it for now.

HPIM2817.jpgI had quite the adventure printing out my tissue paper today! :P: .. Egads what a MESS. I’m chuckling about it, so you know I solved it. I wanted to do larger motifs for this quilt so it wasn’t so heavily quilted. So I TRIED to do almost a full sheet of tissue paper. Well that was fun and games! This is a different tissue than I had used previously so I was thinking that a) my printer didn’t like it, or b) I had my sheet cut to big. So I reduced the size of the motif and tried again .. well that worked nicely.

I think in order to do a larger motif, I’ll need to do more than stabilize the top with two pieces of tape .. I think this will require me using tape along the sides too. I’ll keep that in mind for next time I try. I just wanted to get this printed out, so I can baste tomorrow and start quilting. The first sheet went just fine .. but the next two, were an unholy mess .. the carriage totally stopped and started to dribble ink on the page – which of course transferred to me when I was unjamming the printer. LOL .. And I was picking out pieces of tissue for the next 5 minutes – **znerk!

HPIM2584-1.jpgI’m going to Edge-2-Edge with this one as well .. I’m not so worried about the seam showing as this quilt is staying with me. This is the mystery that I was going to participate in when I found my aunt was killed in a car accident on New Year’s Eve. And the seams aren’t as close to the edge as the XBlocks Mystery was. I think that will make a difference.

I’m not sure if you remember  my adventures with the batting for my Hopscotch quilt. That batting was so thin that quilting it was just insane! I had planned to use the same batt (I bought 2 of them – pfft) folded in half to give it more thickness. Well that batt measures 78 x 100″ and this quilt measures 52½ x 68½” – that just wasn’t going to work folded double and I wasn’t going to do this one with just that batt at single thickness. Do I feel ripped off .. $7.00 CDN for that batt for a wallhanging basically that will measure less than 39 x 50″ .. pfft

I had squirreled away some Warm & Natural Batting that I was saving for whatever. Well my eyes rested on it while I was standing there figuring out what to do – AHA .. I’ll use cotton! 😀 This is off the bolt, the last of what I’ve got and it’s just not quite wide enough for this quilt .. soooooo .. I get to piece that and a smaller bit leftover from another quilt I did – but that will be tomorrow .. I wanted to get the motifs printed first so the printer wouldn’t bother Reg while he was trying to sleep. hehehehe specially if it jammed again ..

So tomorrow basting this quilt and the Kitty Covergence 😀 Life is good!

3 thoughts on “The Big Fan – Quilting

  1. I thought I had the monopoly on tempermental printers!! Mine doesn’t like to print patterns that use tiny 2.5 inch squares LOL ahem….Glad you gave your printer a good dose of prozac and everything is back to normal, except maybe for the ink all over your hands! Good luck with your printing tomorrow 🙂


  2. some go without a hitch and then others, well, everything new they can think to challenge you with, they do.

    I hope you at least enjoy your new job. I understand about not having time to do as much quilting as you will want!


  3. Hi Grace, I love the quilt motif you used here – does it have a name/ where can I find it? Joanne.


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