Kitty Convergence

I know I wanted to get going on quilting the Big Fan quilt, but I changed my mind 😀 Like that never happens 😉 I’ve been dying to try convergence quilts and figured I try / test a small one to see how it worked out and ended up looking. I’ve had this plotting in the back of my mind for a week or so now, it was just a matter of getting the right colours together that would look really good done like this.

HPIM2812.jpgThese are the 4 fabrics I finally settled upon. A kitty batik (that I thought i had more of :'(), a tulip fabric, some bright yellow and a nice blue green yellow medley … These all just really great together and the compliment each other nicely!  I was really hope that these fabrics would look great using this technique.

HPIM2813.jpgHere’s the first part of the convergence done. Hmmm .. not to sure about this .. that yellow is too ‘light??’

Now a side point here .. in his book, Convergence Quilts, Ricky Tims says to use 12″ – 14″ pieces, well my kitty batik was only 9″ wide, so that dictated my fabric sizes.

HPIM2814.jpgHere it is after the 2nd convergence .. Not to shabby me thinks, but my lack of a larger piece is rather making this look ‘blockier’ than it should?? Not sure if I’m saying this right, but I’m thinking that I should have maybe done narrower pieces to have more?? Or to create more of a distinction .. Also I’m thinking that the yellow just isn’t the right tone .. altho in a traditional quilt this would have rocked 😀 But I do like it .. Not to shabby for my first attempt me thinks!  Now after both convergences, this measured up at 13½ x 14½”

HPIM2815.jpgTA DA!!!! The final top with borders .. The borders tend to make it look more like the original squares I used almost .. but I’m still okay with it being my first attempt. It’s nice and bright and fresh and spring-y like! I do rather like this!!

After putting a narrow frame around the inner top and then adding a 3″ border – this quilt measures out at 20¾ x 19¾”.

Now this is just one method in his book .. this is the book that I ordered as a Cmas present from Reg that didn’t make it here on time. But I will play some more .. there’s an awesome gallery in here that is chock full of gorgeous quilts to give you inspiration and ideas!

NOW I’m off to do the motifs for the big fan .. and I’ll likely baste this one at the same time too.

3 thoughts on “Kitty Convergence

  1. Your Convergence Quilt is wonderful. I am with C&T Publishing, the publishers of Ricky’s book, and it is so exciting for us to see beautiful work created from our books. I really like your color selection. Thank you for sharing.


  2. What’s wrong with the colours Grace?? I don’t see anything except really bold cool fabrics!

    If you have a look at my blog, you’ll see the convergence one I did (or the top, at least.) It was wild! And I’m glad I did it in a group, all together, Or I’d have got really lost. I am NOT mathematical by gifting!


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