ArtIllusion – Progress

Well it’s been a day and a half here and I wanted to try and get this top pieced, but it’s not going to happen .. I started to see where I wasn’t quite paying attention, and had to frog .. so instead of making more mistakes .. I stopped .. Figured it was the best thing to do .. maybe another hours work to piece the final 2 sections, then put it all together .. but nope .. that can be tomorrow.



This isn’t the best pic, but it’ll have to do for now .. but it does give you the general idea of how it’s going to look .. I did better this time with spreading out all the different fabrics so they weren’t all bunched up in one area, but there’s still a bit of that going on .. you can likely tell where I was starting to get tired with the duplicating fabrics. Tomorrow this will be all pieced tho 😀 I’m tickled about about that .. gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling that it’ll be done .. then basting the big fan, quilting it, initial colour challenge blocks and hopefully I can squeeze in testing a mystery

Why the big push you might ask?? Well as of the 13th, I’ll be starting training for tech support for a digital provider .. I’ll be one of those annoying tech support people that ask you all sorts of irrelevant questions that tick you off to no end .. so I’m on my final countdown for getting stuff done. I KNOW that I’ll be dog tired and will likely just fall over asleep when I get home from work, and my quilting progress will likely come to a stand still until I get accustomed to 40 hr work weeks .. yes I’ve been busy and active, but it’s different with working full-time. And it looks like I’ll be on afternoons, which is sort of okay as I’m a nite owl anyways .. but there’s Kyle’s ballgames and whatnot that I’ll miss .. I’m NOT going to miss his confirmation or grade 8 graduation tho – you can bet your bippy on that!

Anywho .. I’m whacked and I’m off to sleep .. or at least to read for a bit – THEN fall asleep 😀

3 thoughts on “ArtIllusion – Progress

  1. Congrats on the new techie job Gracie. Sure gonna miss your quilty news and watching your progress until you get a rythym going 🙂 Get some sleep as it sounds like you definitely have some work cut out for yourself in the next few days!


  2. I love the look of your newest – it’s a wonderful combination of pale, floral, feminine and bright. Best of wishes with your new job – I know well what this week is bound to be like for you, counting down the days “of freedom!” I can promise that you will relish your days off more after you have those days that “aren’t your own!” Congratulations again… And enjoy that stitching you’re working on this week!


  3. It is coming along wonderfully. Good luck with that work thing. Hopefully I won’t ever have to work 40 hours a week ever again. LOL.


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