ArtIllusion – Part 6

After spending the last 45 mins crawling around on the floor, I’ve remembered and sworn even more that I will NEVER pin baste by crawling around on the floor again! I’m getting to old for this – toss in bad knees and a bad back and it’s a recipe for disaster LOL .. Good thing I thread / pin baste the easy way .. Thank you Sharon!

HPIM2801-1.jpgIt was rather worth it mind you. I was doing the layout for the ArtIllusion Mystery .. I tested out my wall last nite and it’s too large for the space there, so that left the floor .. so I laid a sheet out on the floor and started to put blocks out. I tried not to have to many of the same fabrics / colours touching each other, but in same cases, it is what I wanted – as you can see in the pic here .. same with a few 9 patch and the background squares they are next too .. just helps to create some flow. Least I think / hope so :S .. But with this being scrappy I didn’t want to do too much control .. just rather wanted to have bits and pieces blend into each other ..


Part 6 - ish

I didn’t really think about the actual size of this, but you figure (twit for brains here), that’s a double sheet that I used for laying the blocks out on – and these blocks would NOT fit on my design wall!! So much for just doing lap quilts for mysteries :|.  This rather explains all the cutting and digging I had to do too for the scraps.  I really need to pay attention to the measurements that are posted  .. ESH!!!

My plan with using the sheet is rather elementary .. lay the blocks out on the sheet, then I can roll it up and take it back into my cat cave with me – without having to do to much disturbing of the blocks .. granted this is going to change .. but I couldn’t wait that long to see what this will look like .. not to bad .. I need to check my layout around the star and the arms to be sure that they are all going the right way .. knowing me, I’ve something switched in a spot or two .. You could even say did part of my colour challenge again as I’ve included orange in here too 😀 Rather spring like me thinks .. purples, blues, greens, reds, oranges, creams, peaches, yellows and whites oh and pinks too! And lots of floral fabrics, with a yellow gingham type print tossed in for good measure. Holly didja see it???

Now to put it all together and then get a better pic .. sorry for the quality of this one – nite time and flash .. and with us actually getting snow AGAIN, I’m not taking any outside pics any time soon!  Not sure how I entirely feel about this one .. I do like it, but it’s not smacked me in the face yet .. Maybe I’m being overly critical of it .. but the swirly star arms do stand out and that’s what I did want when I picked the darker / brighter colours for those sections.  One colour family might have been a better idea for that part.  I know .. hind sight is 20/20 😉


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