Butterflies N Hopscotch

I rather had a dilemma of sorts today. It was time to put the binding on, but my calculations, I was ¼” short .. **sigh .. of course … so that meant I needed to get creative .. which is rather fun and okay .. and this means .. my first pieced binding!!

HPIM2759.jpgI was talking to carmen and started to pull various bits n pieces of the fabrics I had left, as well as some other’s that were close to what i had HPIM2761.jpgin this quilt .. Then tossed them in some semblance of ‘order’ near the quilt to see how it looked .. Okay that works pretty good .. get rid of the two hot pinks, the blue that looks like the purple and that yellow .. to bright .. After picking thru the piles I ended up with these guys here .. and then added up what I had .. okay .. need to whittle it down a bit .. have enough here to do maybe 2 quilts this size LOL

HPIM2762.jpgI had put the quilt aside before cutting on my sewing chair .. well not even 5 mins goes by and Pix decides he’s going to claim this quilt yet again .. We’ve been having a few issues with that him and I … and he generally loses too .. but that doesn’t stop him from trying.

I start sewing my strips together – now I didn’t measure for the seam allowances .. the idea of THAT much math right then was enough to make my blood freeze – so i figured I would just go from there and add if needed .. well after all was said and done .. I HPIM2763.jpgwas 6″ short .. I’m like ..can I NOT get a break today .. and I soooo did NOT want to cut another whole strip for 3 – patches of purple – so I didn’t 😀 went digging thru my stash instead, the one purple isn’t likely to get noticed, and the 2 patches there have a silvery ‘paint’ on them so they look brighter than they really are ..

HPIM2764.jpgBut all in all with various challenges .. I am moving this quilt to the binding pile:D It’s actually ‘done’ .. there are some issues, but I can live with them and that’s all that counts since this quilt is for me .. not being given away or sold .. pour moi! How cool is that?!!?  First pieced binding, seams pressed open so it’s not to bulky to hand sew thru – I think it might actually work!

Tomorrow I get to cut tissue for the square deal mystery 😀

5 thoughts on “Butterflies N Hopscotch

  1. I just truly love that pieced binding and reminds me of a marquis light the way that it chases around the quilt! Good job and like I keep saying, if it needs a home…..you know where I live and my address! LOL
    luv ya girlfriend!


  2. Turned out very pretty even with your difficulties. The binding would be my favorite part. I really like to see the finished product


  3. This is such a fabulous quilt. I knew when I saw the thread that the thread was perfect. Your quilting butterflies are so very nice, and the binding is great. I have got to get back to my nickel quilt as soon as Easter is over. I am so impressed with your skills. I’m inspired to get crackin’ again. Hugs, Dian


  4. Love the inventiveness… I know, it was a necessity, and probably also a mother, but…!

    You might as well give it up with the furry one (the cat! I mean the cat!!). Even if you made him his own quilt, he’d prolly want the one that you’ve sweated, sworn and bled on!!

    Congrats on getting another one outta the pile.


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