Shredding Butterflies

HPIM2754.jpgThat just sounds so evil doesn’t it?? But, it really is a good thing .. 😀 If I’m shredding that means I’m done quilting!! You can see the one corner where I picked some of it off to check my quilting and discovered that my tension wasn’t quite right. I wasn’t the happiest person in the world when I saw that .. rather a heart sinking feeling, I’d been so excited about this quilt and finally getting ot quilting it. I do love how it looks tho and the thread is something else!

It was only about 1 hours work to get it finished – including printing out the last row of motifs that I needed. I was able to adjust and get the right tension – plus I gave my machine a cleaning and oiling as it was starting to clunk. Oh my you should have seen the the lint bunny that was breeding under there (!!) WOWSERS! Surprised that my machine wasn’t coughing up lint balls! Poor thing!

HPIM2757.jpgHere’s a close up of the corner where I started with the tension not right. I ‘fixed’ this by speeding my foot and slowing down my hands. I’ve done a few batting thicknesses on this machine and haven’t had this problem before. I think I finally found it’s limit. I guess there had to be one .. no machine can be totally impervious to everything. And this machine is pretty tolerant!

HPIM2756.jpgI was tickled when I fixed it and the results. Granted the stitching is ‘closer / thicker’ than I normally like to do in spots until I got more even with it, but it’s close enough. And this quilt is for me, so it’s not like it’s a gift, nor one I’m going to sell where I’d have frogged the quilting .. and you KNOW how I hate to do THAT! I just LOVE this thread .. it’s gorgeous .. I nice weight and feel too! I swear it’s like it was made for this quilt and vice versa.

HPIM2755.jpgSo I’m steadily shredding away. it is rather tedious, but once you get into a groove, it’s mindless – just need to hope that there’s a decent movie or some such on to keep your mind busy. I’m maybe 1/3 of the way done, and am hoping to have it done later on tonite. Now I just have to think about binding .. there’s so many different colours in this quilt that I think that I can get away with anything .. not sure I want to do a light colour tho, and a lot of these colours I have no more of .. this was my first mystery and first scrappy quilt .. granted it’s ‘controlled’ scrappy, but still scrappy 🙂

Hopefully by tomorrow, I can get some daylight pics of it before it heads for the binding pile . now wouldn’t that be GREAT. Hmmm ..


  1. Pieced big fan top
  2. quilted  Michigan Left
  3. got the 1800 together …

Now for March –

  1. quilted Franken’quilt’
  2. Colour Challenges
  3. quilted Kitty Quilt
  4. Square Deal Top done and basted
  5. quilting hopscotch ..


How are ya’ll doing with your WIP / WISP piles???

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