Butterflies playing Hopscotch

HPIM2744.jpgSo close and yet so far .. I really wanted to get this done today, but it’s just not going to happen .. see how close I am to finishing .. **sigh.

I do just love the thread I got for this! It’s gorgeous! A wee bit thicker than what I’m using in my bobbin, but that’s usually fixable by adjusting your upper tension. Operative word in that sentence is … “usually”!! The batting is causing me some minor fits. Remember how thin I said it was? Yup, it’s THIN! Could almost be like no batting at all. The lack of thickness, with no pressure from the top and bottom (doing free motion with doggies covered) on the fabric isn’t really giving the stitches a chance to ‘grab’ like they normally would. I’m thinking if that’s an exaggeration, but i don’t think so .. I do know that the thinness is causing the tension issues .. as I just did the kitty quilt (cotton batting) and the franken’quilt’ (poly) with no problems.

The ‘lack of a batting’ just made things interesting enough to make my tension adventurous! Easily solved by speeding up the machine and slowing down my hands .. so that’s all good there .. only thing is that when Reg went to sleep, I couldn’t do my slower rate so the machine was quieter .. **sigh There is no justice sometimes! So I opted to stop for the nite.

HPIM2747.jpgTomorrow before I start, I’ll be needing to print a 4½” row – some minor adjustments in the graphic and I’ll be good to go .. I rather thought it would be short, but wanted to see just how much short ..

I did get a pic of some of the quilting today .. rather hard to see as it’s a nite shot. I do like the way the butterflies are flitting along the quilt top! And you can pick up a bit of how great this thread looks .. almost like they were made for each other 😀 OH and for the big fan quilt?? I’m going to double this batting and see if THAT doesn’t solve things!

4 thoughts on “Butterflies playing Hopscotch

  1. Grace, love your idea of the tissue paper. Are you quilting it on your domestic sewing machine? That’s how I quilt mine, but always have a problem on deciding what to quilt. I get distracted on what to do because I see the pieces of the quilt and I want to follow that. I need to experiment more.



  2. I’m loving the butterflies, girlie. Looks like you’re doing a great job!

    I am a fan of thin battings (and heavily quilted, at that); do you have the option of threading the bobbin thread through the little “eye” of the bobbin finger? That tightens up the bobbin just enough for me.

    ‘Way back when I got my machine, I plunked down the extra $50 for an extra bobbin casing so I could have one whose tension was adjusted for MQ and not strip out the screw on my “main” one. I have never used it; it’s still sitting in a drawer in the original packaging!


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