Finishing my case …


Remember These??

After solving the mystery and exposing (sounds rather criminal, doesn’t it???) the culprit – all that was left to do was to finish the case with some borders. Ya’ll remember the pile of HSTs that I had after making the blocks right?? Well I didn’t want them to go to ‘waste’ as it were .. not that they would, but I was thinking, I have a mess of HSTs here and they could be a sweet cap off for this mystery.

HPIM2725.jpgFirst of all I thought of just doing a sawtooth border .. but naw .. that seemed to ‘basic’. I thought that a quilt this stunning really needed something special to top it off .. Carmen suggested doing flying geese put on the narrow edge – and I thought that could work .. of course that idea ended up breeding another one .. so I started to play and plot .. Nevermind the lightbulb moment .. I had a super nova!! I grabbed the draft paper and coloured pencils and started to draw and colour and erase and draw and colour .

HPIM2726.jpgMy initial idea actually had 3 borders in total, but that was would have been overkill with the border that I did finally come up with it .. I thought of repeating the HSTs in straight lines all the way around radiating outward .. but then I started to think that I just had a narrow inner 1″border – that would have been just wayyy to busy! Then I booted up quilt pro and started to play some more .. I finally settled on something that I really liked and would be just right for the quilt ..


Mystery "X" Box

My only thought was whether to have HSTs as the corner stones as well, but decided against it as it would have ‘stopped’ the flow – this way your eyes are confined to the center and travel outwards in a nice ‘orderly’ fashion .. I wanted the light purple and dark purple to radiate from the corners of the blocks on each side .. and go thru each colour I had in the order of the quilt – with the background easing out from the edges as it were ..

As for binding, I just might use the background fabric I have left .. I didn’t use all the border fabric that I cut out, so it wouldn’t be to much of a hardship to use that .. or I have some purple from another project that might work just fine! It’s a nice dark purple, so we’ll just have to see how it looks when I get to that point .

So this is now moved to the basting pile .. and should actually be basted pretty soon too! I’ve only the big fan, hopscotch and then this one to baste – oh a few other’s too, but nothing to pressing ..

Now to name it ..  For National Quilting Day, I worked on this mystery .. maybe I can incorporate that with the name somehow .. As for quilting it, I ordered some variegated thread from threadart and it’s at the PO Box (come on Dad, go there already!!) and while there’s an orange and another “summer sherbet” type mixture, I’m not sure they’ll work with this quilt .. This purply one is for my hopscotch quilt – so that’s out .. granted I do have some thread I picked up at fabricland the other week that might work .. we’ll just have to see .. oh and it finished up at 36 x 39″.

I do like how this worked with my challenge colour – orange too .. I will be making more of this .. I’m trying to convince Vicki into losing some of her gradients to my stash pile for another version of this quilt 😉 Wish me luck on that one LOLOL


11 thoughts on “Finishing my case …

  1. Gracie this is a true prize winner! Love the way the border workded out and did I say this is stunning? WOWsers, I should leave home moe often. BTW, we drove through a foot of snow coming up here but roads were decent, however in town Anchorage is a whole new story! Can’t wait to see how you quilt this one girlfriend!

    Luv ya! and if that quilt needs a home….


  2. Absolutely beautiful, Grace! I’ve been wanting to do this one sometime
    soon. Hope you don’t mind if I use your border idea. I love it! As they
    say, “Imitation is the best form of flattery.” Or you could just send
    it to me. LOL
    Sherry in NC


  3. I really like this quilt! I’m going to have to grab the pattern and make it for my mom. She loves these tumbling blocks.

    Great job, once again!



  4. Adding my echoes of admiration to the others! Grace it is beautiful! I would never have thought of that for a border! I think I would go with a dark purple border, can never go wrong with purple! LOL


  5. Hi Gracie, My favorite Name. Call it “Stairway to Heaven”. It is beautiful and I just love it. Paula


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