Sleuthing Away!


Clue #1

I gotta tell you, I’m having a blast with this mystery! The first clue went super quick! heh It was only 4 ‘pieces’. Now this mystery was written for the ‘square-in-square’ ruler, but you can use a 6 ½” squaring ruler as well. I figured that if I lined up the points of the main square at 3 ¼” and then make sure you have your ¼” seam allowance – then it was a matter of matching up cross hatches for along the line of the square, then voila! There’s my block all set to go all square up at 6½” How cool is that!


Clue #2

So I head off to do clue 2. That went super easy as well – Now the squares and rectangles don’t line up edge to edge but that is good as your square is 4¾” and your rectangle is 3 x 5¼”, so you overlap the edges and works just fine .. I know – clear as mud .. basically I didn’t panic when I tripped over that on my first clue 😉 I put these up on my design board, and got super excited!! I’m not going to post that pic here as I’m trying to stay in the spirit of the mystery 🙂 If you want to see what I saw, you’ll just have to do it yourself LOL ahem ..


Clue #3

Anywho, I got so excited I had to chat with Carmen last nite and share it with her .. needless to say, clue 3 didn’t get done until today LOL ..

Clue 3 is using orange – rather my challenge colour that I’ve vowed to use more of this year and I picked it for colour 1. This was the same colour I made a mistake on while cutting initially, and while I was squaring these up, I saw that my values for light and medium were to close .. Kris had told me that the main colour doesn’t have to be medium – it can be anything – it’s colour A and B that are important to have distinct values for .. I’m a little disappointed in the result as I should have used the lighter FQ that I have, but it still looks good and I still like it .. but then again, you aren’t seeing what’s on my board :S .. The effect is still there, but not as dramatic as the effect with the greens and purples. Am I going to rip it out and redo the square .. NOPE .. are you kidding me .. not gonna happen! But I’ll be careful for when I do this one again


HST Heaven

A nice little fringe benefit of using this method, is all the HSTs that I’m getting from them .. I see a scrappy quilt design in my future with all these nice scraps. What design .. I have no clue yet .. but there will be one I’m sure

Now off to clue 4


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