To the Binding Pile with you!

HPIM2700.jpgNow I can do the kittyhappydance!!!!! The kitties are in the binding pile now!! I should take a pic of that pile before I start to do the quilts – but at least pile is the almost finished pile! Anywho .. last nite I finally got around to do the heads and tails of the fan kitties appliquilting them down – I wanted to try something with this considering they were kitties and furry .. (and believe me, there is enough cat fur on this quilt for it to qualify as a 3rd cat in this house) .. **sigh Anywho .. I used my pinking rotary cutting to cut around the kitties, and instead of using a zig zag stitch, I just did a straight stitch – i want these kitties to ‘fur’ up a bit as it were. I think it’ll look really awesome with actual fuzzy cats! I did a generous-ish ¼” seam – for the most part and just free motioned around the edges.

HPIM2697.jpgAs for the fru fru that I hinted at .. I designed this quilt with the spaces in the middle and sides just for these shadow kitties as I’ve been calling them since the idea clicked. I wasn’t going to do any embellishment on them and just leave them be .. there is quilting under them – so that wasn’t a concern, but the sleeping cat at top and bottom just looked so – naked – sooooo she got a wee bit of stitching to ‘dress’ her up The purple variegated thread is just great on these shadows .. as well as the fuzz and cat fur ..

HPIM2703.jpgI started this quilt back in January 08 after I finished Kyle’s bed quilt (Frankenquilt), so this has been a bit coming .. I really can’t wait to get the binding finished so I can actually use it!! I think it’s going to be just awesome! I’ve learned a lot, tested out a new technique and refined it, and also almost finished a quilt that has been in the design and planning stage for 9 years when I finally started to work on it. I think I’ve just about every technique (or a variation of) for piecing this quilt. Inset seams (Y-seams), paper piecing, templates, appliqué and appliquilt, frogging LOLOL ahem – Quilted with kitties, butterflies, meeces, and cat paws .. definitely learned a lot and WOW .. it’s done ..


7 thoughts on “To the Binding Pile with you!

  1. Wow, Grace! That is a fantstic quilt! It amazes me the amount of things you get done. Do you ever sleep? 🙂

    Big surprise….it’s purple. I can imagine you just can’t wait to use it.


  2. Grace. You did a great job. Your so very talented . It is everyone’s dream of a Cat Quilt. I love it. Paula


  3. Grace, that is very creative and way to go for sticking with it. I hope you keep it for yourself and don’t let the kitty’s take over! 😉


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