Design Daze


I think I’ve finally figured out why my kitty quilt has been waiting for me so long .. I had no bloody clue on what to do for the main body quilting .. that realization rather smacked me in the face over the past few days .. the borders were easy peasy .. but the main body .. EEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

Nothing I found seemed to please me one bit! Some was to busy, other’s too loopy, other’s to blah, other’s to fussy .. But I finally found the purrfect (hehehehe) motif. So I went to work cleaning it up, resizing it and tracing it .. it was only AFTER I got all the sheets traced and my quilt ready to go, that I realized I hadn’t done a mock-up to see how it looked :O oops .. LOL ..

HPIM2664.jpgI know this sounds relatively simple .. and believe me it is .. but the right motif isn’t always that simple **sigh Rather like finding just the right fabric or thread or what-have-you .. oh speaking of thread … that was the easy part .. I was going to do white, but then this variegated thread spoke to me and asked to come home with me .. I won’t go into the whole story of that adventure .. Reg is still shaking his head at me .. he does that a lot …

HPIM2663.jpgMy machines all set up, the first tissue sheet is pinned into place (and yes my basting stitches are out) – I was going to start tonite, but I hit a wall of fatigue then started to watch TV with reg and woke up .. **sigh. But I’m not going to start quilting tonite .. The good news is, that the motif is large enough on this so it “should” quilt up pretty quick and this just might be a one day quilting .. for the main part at least .. I’ve not traced out the border motifs yet, so that should take a bit longer me thinks as the tissue needs to be cut to size still and I’ve rather had enough of that today all ready .. oh this is the first time I’m trying a full sheet method .. so we’ll see how that goes .. should be interesting .. for lack of a more polite word 😉 SO tomorrow I begin on my kitty quilt – FINALLY

The border has already changed – nope that didn’t take long at all .. i’ll be using nothing in the wonky narrow border, but paws n meeces in the outer border … it’s just wayyy to cute for words!!

6 thoughts on “Design Daze

  1. So you are finally getting to it! Good for you and I like the motif you have chosen over all the ones I know you considered 🙂 So you will be quilting on that in the morning and I will be finishing last week’s WISP! HooRah for both of us!
    carmen, oh, I love the thread! Going to work perfectly with background!


  2. The quilts looking great. I like the way you put your quilting pattern on a tissue paper and then free motion it. I always find the quilting part daunting so I always get my quilting professionally done.


  3. I admired and loved that quilt since your first started showing pictures of the blocks you were making. It is marvelous, all those kitty cats.


  4. wow, that looks like alot of work. I just stipple my quilts but am ready to move on to other avenues of quilting my work. I will definitely some back and check out your site when I am ready.


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