Franken’Quilt’ Happy Dance

HPIM2657.jpgI did it .. I didn’t think I would get to the point where I could say that – specially after the other day and was actually wondering if I would run out of needles before I could finish!! hehehe .. you can see where I sneezed in the yellow part while quilting … that sneeze literally jumped up and bit me on the nose! I had no warning what-so-ever for that one! But that’s okay .. when all’s said and done, If I hadn’t of taken that corner for a pic, I wouldn’t have remembered it or seen it 😉 You can see the itty bits of tissue paper still under some of the stitches, but those should disintegrate in the wash (when it gets to that point)

HPIM2656.jpgRipping the paper took a few hours, but I was able to watch tv and tear away .. made the time fly by pretty quick .. I did see some problem areas and marked them with pins from the other machine .. I might have to requilt a few spots because of skipped stitches that I missed, but I’m going to do a wait and see on those parts – if it holds up in the wash, I might not .. I’ve not totally decided yet .. I do just love how my pattern came out using the tissue paper – amazing! I’m just tickled pink .. There’s no way I could free hand quilt this this good .. I used to draw all the time, but using a 50 zillion pound, 2 mile wide quilt as my medium isn’t quite the same as pencil and paper 😉 So ‘tracing’ my pattern works for me!!

HPIM2653.jpgI needed to wait until Kyle got home from school as I knew I would need help with this quilt .. it’s to heavy to clip up the normal way and it’s pretty wide .. my kids got a pretty good wing span, and we still needed to clip the corner. You can see the quilting pattern in the corners and a bit on the blocks – not a sunny day so it doesn’t show very well. I went digging thru my stash for a ‘red’ binding. i wanted to find a fire engine red one that matches the inner border bugt that was a no go .. I did find another one that I found in the remnant bin that is a pretty good match for the red with white-ish stars in the border. I didn’t want to use blue or green as those colours are right at the edge of the quilt, so that left yellow and red .. I didn’t even bother looking for yellow as I know i just have fqs of it and no yardage .. so that left the red 🙂 oh the bottom corner on the right?? Orion of course just HAD to get into the picture .. what a ham!! So this is now on the binding pile with 3 other quilts. WOOOO HOOOOOO I’m making some serious headway on getting my WIPS done

I’m working on my colour challenge pieces and will post them later 🙂

4 thoughts on “Franken’Quilt’ Happy Dance

  1. Grace it is beautiful. You did a great job. The sneeze makes it unique.

    Thanks for your kind words. I took Andrew tot he doc. No ear infections. Yeah. The Motrin is helping. Only one more year of teething to go. LOL.


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