Lookie What I got!!

HPIM2647.jpgI am just so tickled! Ginny was doing a give-away to launch her bags n rags blog and Etsy shop for her gorgeous purses and emailed me to let me know about it as she knew i was behind on my blog reading. I entered her giveaway (of course), with dreams of hopefully winning and getting my paws on the coffee purse she had made .. I went and checked out her store and alas, there was no coffee purses to be seen .. I must have commented on that and Ginny replied to me that she would make me one if I won.

HPIM2648.jpgShe later emailed me back and mentioned that she had one with a flaw in the handle (I’ve NOT been able to find it!!!), and didn’t feel that she could sell it quality wise – also that she used for a bit while she washed her blue batik one and wondered if I would be interested in giving this little gem a home 😀 She told me that she liked it, but just wasn’t her – and also that she knew that I would give this purse a nice home.

HPIM2649.jpgGee hard choice .. I thought about it for a whole nano-second!! And I think that that was way to long LOL … I got this little gem today – sorry i couldn’t wait to get it opened and didn’t take pics of the box and how lovely she wrapped it out .. she wrapped it in red tissue paper (Gee I can find a use for THAT!!) She did such a fabulous job with this .. it has to magnetic snaps at the handle base and a button clasp too .. oodles of pockets in them inside and out – and nice and roomy too .. I tend to carry a smaller purse so I don’t overload and end up with a suitcase – but I had tons of room left in this – I just love it Ginny and Thank you so much for letting give this baby a home .. she’s all nice and secure here and has already gone out for a trip with me .. Reg even says is really nice .. and of course the coffee material suits me to a “T” LOL

So check out her blog shop .. she does a great job on these babies and well worth the $35 she charges for these – and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new coffee purse!!


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