HPIM2634.jpgWell the top is at least .. I still need to do the borders. To speed things up a bit (took me a while to get as far as I did yesterday as I was just mussing around), I wouldn’t take the quilt off the machine, nor tear the paper .. All I did was pull the quilt past the machine bed and pin the paper into place there. That did make things go faster .. By the time I got to the last 2 blocks to quilt, I couldn’t wait to get done .. I had had enough of it at that point!

HPIM2636.jpgBut get to that point I did .. it did go pretty quickly, but I was dragging today. Prolly didn’t get enough sleep and felt tired all day. All that was left at this point was to tear the paper and finally decide on the border motifs. For the first border, I’ll just SID on both sides of the red border – the outer border is 7″ and I’ve been thinking .. oh I know .. never a good thing with me .. but maybe change what I was going to do .. make it more ‘kyle’ .. I found some neat continuous lizards that I can use or some musical notes .. either would work in the corners – mind you the lizards would work easier as I could curve them around the corner – but I can always put a treble clef in the corners too .. I’m just not entirely sure – part of the reason is the main motif is rather generic, but as they say .. it’s MY quilt and I should do what I want .. but I do want it to be ‘balanced’ of a sort

HPIM2637.jpgNow if I give Kyle the choices, oi vay! that will be a whole nother chapter and I would love to get this to the point where the binding goes on – soon 😉 I should just have enough tissue paper to do his outer borders .. but then I have to buy more for the next one


One thought on “Franken-‘Quilt’-ED!!

  1. Well if Kyle has a problem with that quilt I know where it can find a good home 🙂 All kidding aside, lovely job Gracie and right on your timeline for a finish before starting that new plum job!! Now don’t slack — get ‘er done!


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